4 Dec Oh man So before I get to the good news (another update to “The Yii Book”), I should answer the million-dollar question of “Why in the. 12 Sep As you may know, I’ll be writing and self-publishing a book on the Yii framework this fall. I’m working on the table of contents now, and will likely. 31 Oct I am very happy to say that, after much delay, “The Yii Book: Developing Web Applications Using the Yii PHP Framework”, is now available for.

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For that payment amount, you get: When I first started I spent hours reading the Yii forums, posting questions and working through the tutorials.

“The Yii Book (2nd Edition)” Version 1.7 Posted

I switched computers since the last update, so there were software changes, and rebuilding databases and sites and configuring and…but I was able to just push another update. I also love the way you are distributing the book. As a developer getting started on my first major yii app this is already an invaluable tool. Great book, not yet finished but already got good ‘back to basics’ explanations I have tried to learn Yii for two years so far, I bought books, I went through the Blog tutorial, but never got hooked.

Yii 2 and the Yii Book

It’s also very nice when it comes from such a great writer and on such a great tool. Can’t wait for the next release. PDF, epub, and mobi. Thanks for ulllman great book! Okay, so self-publishing is really hard and the past year has been terrible, where do things stand? If you have any questions, see the FAQ page.

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I’ve already read another book on Yii, but yours fills quite a number of gaps for me! Your book provides a very logical explanation of how the framework works, at just the right yi of detail. Your ability to cover things in enough depth to explain your point whilst not being scared to say ‘we’ll skip that for later’ creates the perfect balance to learn quickly but not be overwhelmed.

I’ve just passed Chapter 5 and I think you’re doing a great job here. I really liked the sequence of topics you are using in the book. The second edition of the book is incomplete!

Thanks to this book I am understanding for the first time boo, of the things that were dark to me, it is very well written and explained. Your Yii Book is exactly what Larry have been searching for. I have been writing a web application using the Yii framework for the last 18 months. I’m really starting to understand why ,arry does what it does!

Welcome to ! Home of “The Yii Book”!

I found it simply great. After finding out that your tutorial helped me to understand what is going on, I decided to purchase your book. It was really good. Note Some of the links contained within this site have my referral id e.

Additionally to the guide-style chapters there are two complete example chapters: Just wanted to say thank you for providing such high quality work!

Your style is very clear and you follow a true progression: I’m enjoying the book as I enjoyed the previous articles.

I’m glad to say it is written in your usual style, brilliant, easy to read and understand. Although not finished, there are some nice recipes from one of the core team and community.


I’ve started reading your Yii book. You finally made me understand the “philosophy” of Yii.

This book is now my bible. I wished I had this book when I first started. Thanks for the great book and innovative way laery publishing. It is a step by step introduction to the framework, which is based around creating a reusable template that can serve as the basis for your projects.

I hope the book does well so that you are encouraged to keep the book going to the very end. After a brief introduction to the framework in chapters 1 and 2, the remaining 10 chapters are dedicated to building an entire project managemnt application. The Yii 1 version of the book–the first edition–is done. I have tried to learn Yii for two years so far, I bought books, I went through the Blog tutorial, but never got hooked.

Written by former Yii core developer, the book takes a strong learn-by-doing philosophy to introducing you to the Yii framework. It’s clear lulman very well-written.

I think you solved all of the problems I’m having!!! I’ve read through what’s available now.

“The Yii Book” by Larry Ullman::Reviews

I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for a while now and I’m glad to finally see it coming together! For starters, my family has really high medical bills, and we need the health insurance. The gii starts with the very basics: I look forward to the rest of it.