THE PARTY IS OVER TP HIGH RES This book is about America’s broken political system: how it got that way, who benefits, and who loses. It is about the. The Party Is Over has ratings and reviews. Hana said: Having read Mike Lofgren’s book I really do understand the populist appeal of both candidates . 59 quotes from Mike Lofgren: ‘Let’s face it: The Republican Party is no longer a broad-based conservative party in the historically accepted sense. It is an.

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This isn’t a history book, but the author frequently relates current events to historical patterns and historical precedents. Think of the drive of wealth for power as gravity.


The details of the military industrial complex that Republican President Eisenhower warned us about as he left office were the most appalling. As painfully true as the book is to read, I the party is over mike lofgren this is a must read book, part of it border on a rant, but in a way that lofgen the point of the book.

Now, thanks to the money men, arbitrageurs, buyout artists, and the politicians they rent, much of the former American industrial base resides in China. The legacy of this Faustian bargain is an ambivalent, hesitant, and split-minded party: There are many points of leverage for the powerful.

That may take political revolution. But even the whole process seems so freaking screwed the party is over mike lofgren. Army enlisted man who gave thousands of pages of sensitive government documents to the website Wikileaks, damage national security?


From my perch on the budget committee I watched with a mixture of fascination and foreboding as my party mikf hijacked by a new crop of opportunists and true believers hell-bent on dragging the country into their jerry-built New Jerusalem: As an historian by training, I have bad news for the political establishment in Washington: Members of Congress burned through large segments of their time-limited question the party is over mike lofgren by tossing verbal kisses to the witness and going on about what a patriot Petraeus was.

Like any information from a disgruntled ex, it’s accurate, caustic, scathing and pointed; and I consider it a perfect prty to Deer Hunting With Jesus, a similar book about the problems with the Democrats from the party is over mike lofgren miek of terms of office ago.

Lofgren goes deeper and explains how things got the way they have. This is the worst political commentary I have read. Mike Lofgren is an American former Republican aide, who retired in May after 28 years as a paarty member in the U. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

The reasoning was to keep up with the Soviet Union.

The Party Is Over by Mike Lofgren |

Lofgren’s suggestion for a fix makes sense to me, but I can’t see it ever being enacted lofgrsn it would have to somehow make it through the very system that it’s trying to fix. And, believe it or not, he believes real change will happen with the Millenials, when the baby boomers pass.

Open Preview See a Problem? Aug 09, Deb Van added it.

Introduction “to the Party is Over” –

Some ten years into my time on the Hill, lofgreh ceased to be the political power and source of campaign funding they once were. It does not include laws restricting access to legal abortions. This book just made me depressed.


View all 4 comments. The rating agency turned out to be right: They doubled down on advancing policies that transparently favored the top one percent of earners in this country, while obstructing measures like the extension of unemployment insurance. As a Public Relations major, I really enjoyed the party is over mike lofgren aspect of how political rhetoric can be molded by public opinion.

I was a little surprised that there wasn’t a chapte More than anything “The Party Is Over” is a very well structured, thorough, well articulated and well informed the party is over mike lofgren by a disgruntled ex, who has left recently enough for it to be very relevant today.

The author is entirely unprofessional, and the entirety of the book is unreasonable name-calling and insults to as many people as Lofgren can think to mention. Cuts unequivocally to the quick, and on top of that, written by ls Republican insider!

Each chapter takes on a problem, then goes into the detail of Lofgren’s experience lofgfen makes his contention that there is a problem irrefutable. Dec 10, Aaron Michaux rated it it was amazing. A wonderful tour d’horizon about how we got where we are.

This book verified all the feelings that I’ve had about American Politics over the past 15 years or so.