We collectively call these brushless resolvers as FA-SOLVER®, and renewed. VR Type (Singlsyn). It is ultra-thin absolute type angle detector with a strong. JIS Equivalent Series, NDS Equivalent Series. Temperature, ~ +50°C.

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Tamagawa Seiki Smartsyn Resolvers

An AC output voltage is induced in the winding on the output side through excitation of the excitation winding using an AC voltage. Please subscribe Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our updates on products.

Subscribe tamagxwa our newsletter to receive the latest News! They are also used as transducers for the electric power-assisted steering Tamagaa. Resolvers formed using conventional winding systems could only be operated manually, but the resolvers produced using this new winding system can be set up to operate automatically using a coil winding machine.

The Singlsyn is an ultra-thin absolute angle detector. A resolver is an angle sensor that outputs rotational angles as two-phase AC voltages analog signals.

Question must be between 10 and characters! Select the Category that fits your interest: It features structurally high environmental resistance compared to other sensors due to its simple design comprised of only an iron core and a coil. They are used on innovative hybrid cars where they are mounted on the electric motor and used for the traction and on the alternator.


Forming the rotor core into a special shape and changing the width of the gap between the rotor core and the stator core generates changes in the amplitude of the output voltage.

In most cases, the angle detection accuracy increases as the size of the multiplication factor for the angle goes up. Resolver brushless Singlsyn Tamagawa.

Telephone does not appear to be valid! Resolver Overview A resolver is an angle sensor that outputs rotational angles as two-phase AC voltages analog signals. E-Mail Address does not appear to be valid!

The multiplication factor is defined to be 1x when an output signal for a single turn is generated when the resolver axis is turned once, 2x for an output signal generated for a double turn, and 4x for an output signal generated for a quadruple turn.

Resolver brushless Smartsyn and Fa-Solver Tamagawa. The Singlsyn can be installed in a minimal amount of space due to the ultra-thin structure of the built-in model. Name must be between 3 and 50 characters! Resolver brushless Singlsyn Tamagawa Description The series Singlsyn by Tamagawa is composed of variable reluctance brushless resolvers capable of detecting the angle of rotation of any moving shaft. Home Resolver brushless Singlsyn Tamagawa. Company must be between 3 and 50 characters!


Resolver brushlessTamagawaBrushlessSinglsynResolver. Features – Small size min.

The Smartsyn is a built-in, brushless resolver designed using Tamagawa Seiki’s unique and fully new winding system to produce a product that is low cost and high in productivity and has superior reliability and electrical characteristics. As this output voltage will vary depending on the angle of rotation, the angle of rotation can be calculated using the voltage reading.

Resolver brushless Smartsyn and Fa-Solver Tamagawa

The VR series resolver has higher reliability and can be produced at lower cost as it does not have a coil on its rotor. Verification code does not match the image! Incremental encoder FA-Coder Tamagawa.