18 Jan How The Night Attack Will Occur & How You Can Start Preparing For It. Siener Van Rensburgs Night Of The Long Knives. I will point out that we. Collection of Siener Van Rensburg prophecie’s by gregory_hoo in endtimes, prophecy, and south africa. 17 Nov I’ve just learned something about the stunning visions of a prophet called Siener van Rensburg. For those who haven’t heard the name before.

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Even the predictions of Nostradamus sound vague when compared to those of Siener van Rensburg. All pagan origins, contact trumpetcal mweb. At least not literally.

And yet it is given but not believed. Propheciez de la Rey opened it and said: And not even on television but especially the internet and even in our libraries.

Praat met Hom; gesels met Hom soos jy met jou beste vriend gesels, aanhoudend. I wonder if this actually happened? While I know persecution is predicted, I do not know how prevalent it will be. Marianne said this on August 2, at 8: The following is the original in Afrikaans — Mnr.

It will also bring people closer together trying to help each otherrather then destroy our fellow man?? We are in for some interesting times, but we do not have to be afraid as all is in His capable hands. In that book, he kistifies ancestor worship. The rebellion petered out and most rebels, van Rensburg included, were eventually captured and imprisoned for vwn years.

I feel sorry for my people in South Africa.

Hi Marianne, if you see the percentage of Muslims in Germany, France and Great Britain and how they behaved after the cartoons in Denmark, it needs only some major incidence and we might have civil war. Om God se woord te lewe en te doen is lewe en sukses—in enige rigting. Google it and learn. The ANC have control of the State, and they have the backing of the tyrannical dictators in neighbouring countries as well. The militant blacks on the far left, as well as the militant whites on the far right, have been fed with this story to foster racial hatred in South Africa.

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Just a note on Oom Siener, in his live he never read anything but the Bible. When the ice melts… check Japan earthquakes…… check …, ….

The stunning prophecies of Siener van Rensburg | An alien’s thoughts about our planet

Louis Du Plessis said this on March 12, at 8: Ultimately Britain will be plagued by great floods, which might sound melo-drammatic to some. You are not a Bible puncher and to those who rebuke you rensburt of the truth are the fools who cannot face the truth.

I know my family is not ready and will not be. Good heavens he fights Satin every day…nothing meek and mild about him, but his love is endless and compassionate.

Siener van Rensburg

God depicts the colour of the heart in my many nightly visions and I am used to see some whites shown as pitch black and also some blacks shown as white. Show me how you want me to live. May we all be well, and safe.

Marianne said this on October 11, at 1: There has also been an increase on reported cases whereby the SAP, whom is suppsoed to protect the citizens, act in a racist manner against the whites. Look at the paradox: I may leave South Africa and go to Australia but when there I am free from one thing, just to encounter another and still so the thing I ran from will follow and find me.

Nie rensbufg fisiese dood nie, maar die tweede dood; die poel van vuur. In the end you will not be safe with the liberals, they will be rensbug by the black masses anyway, the only other option is to emigrate.


Juan Pieterse said this on December 30, at 8: Marianne said this on November 3, at 1: Siener van Rensburg was nie die enigste een wat dit propheies gesien het nie en dis jammer dat sy gesigte deur politieke ontleders geinterpreteer is.

Daar is genoeg bewyse dat SA een of ander tyd — dalk gouer as wat ons dink — inmenging van die UN gaan sien, dis gewoon Amerika met wit karre. When they are in groups, all theur rassionale goes out the window. I for one no of a few people already prepared, with hiding places and canned food stocked for atleast a few months. They also state that the regime is actively disarming citizens by making it much more difficult to own legal firearms while illegal weapons including rensburt rifles are freely used by gangsters and criminals to commit violent crimes.

Lyk my die dinge begin nou bymekaarkom met die Ysland vulkaan ens. Interessant genoeg dat Eskom! It is funny yo read vqn this article was written in … read the part of Japan and earthquakes!! We are to shine the light in the dark place and not to take up arms to gain a temporal reward unless our government requires us to do so and then we only do it in obedience to the earthly governement the Lord has put over us.

Me said this on April 26, at There is the Julius Malema hate song, the death of E.