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Did you see the post here https: It is rcpwers to see the horizontal stab out of alignment with the wing. I just eyeball it, this is no rocketscience, however by doing it this way i. Stop that Pigeon 5 min 10 sec. Power is a tower pro with a 9×4. Oct 04, EPP was the way to go then.

RCPowers Extra300

It’s a cul de sac with a little round yard in the middle, with some nasty trees, that have a very strong forcefield around them. Got a video of a flight this morning.

I did harriers and knife edges. Remember Me Forgot Password? I now think some of what I was seeing rcpowerd part optical illusion because of the ailerons being deflected so far.

And my concern turned out correct, when on the maiden flight I tried some moderate rolls, the tailend of the aircraft would literally stay in place until rcposers fuselage and the wings had already rolled through 45 degrees, upon which the tail end finally started to follow the rest of the plane.

May 19,rcpower There is a carbonspar running lengthwise through the fuselage, which eliminates the lateral twist sideways rcpoweers not the torsional one So after landing I did some searching on the RCgroups forum, and I found a post from someone saying that he put clear ducttape on his plane, and it made the plane realy stiff. Your name or email address: I can never resist a free plan so I downloaded this one from Dave at rcpowers.


RCSuperPowers Just one more flight Indeed a very strange and scarying sight to behold! Last edited by wmcneal; May 21, at Looking forward to a report on the maiden!

I will have rcpowerd figure out some way to brace it without adding too much weight. I still have to install the electrics,but I think it’s going to be a nice one.

The airplane would be MUCH more aerobatic and easier to control if you just did aileron and elevator, gluing the rudder straight on without a hinge.

RCPowersMay 24, I then did some mild aerobatics and rolling circles, etc. I also downloaded the plans, but then got busy rcpowegs other builds. ScottLottJun 17, It was really fun!

May 25, Hi Where is the point of gravity of your plane? Images View all Images in thread Views: Files View all Files in thread ExtraS Flybyknight22 and namljayawardna like this. Knew better than to stop as I would have been late for work for sure Quite heavy but I got the wrong foam, the 1. Page 1 of 47 1. MartinTMay 29, Matterhorn71 and namljayawardna like this.

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So with the battery this makes it a total of gr. ScottLottJun 1, It was a little windy, but it was still fun. ScottLottJun 28, Flybyknight22MrBakernamljayawardna and 3 others like this.

RCPowers Extra-300

Return to Foamies Scratchbuilt. It was more stable with the cg moved forward and gcpowers easier to hover. If you can find me a link that would be great. I flew the extra again this morning. The tape made all the difference in the world!!! All-terrain designs like RCPowers? Post some flight videos if you can when she gets flight worthy.

The tape and extra hotglue after some intense treecontact made the plane about 30 grams heavier, it now weighs in at a hefty grams.

RCPowers Extra – RCExplorer

ScottLottMay 24, NuttyPro67 Cant you feel the freedom. I added wheels and tail skid for takeoffs and landings.

Here it is ready to fly at 15 oz.