Ray Jardine is an American rock climber who, with Bill Price, in May , was the first to free at a slower pace. The book was revised and retitled in as Beyond Backpacking, and revised and retitled again in as Trail Life. This is Ray Jardine’s new, full-colour, edition of his best-selling book Beyond Backpacking. Now full of colour photos and diagrams, this new title reflects a. 22 Apr I bought the original version in and that book forever changed my life for the better. Trail life is pretty much the same book except with.

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Trails – View only trail related threads. This is his response: Retrieved from ” https: Gear Pics – View only UL gear pics. I’d been following his tips for 10 years or more – used a tarp in the Sierras, trekked miles in a lightweight pack with no waist belt.

What did Lowe “invent” or then do? There are a few names that have revolutionized the sport of backpacking, Ed Garvey, Colin Fletcher, Jadrine Manning and of course the Master of lightweight backpacking Ray Jardine.

The book is now available on Amazonbut only from other sellers. A lightweight approach to backpacking is here to stay. If you have ever thought your pack weighed too much on a week long hike, this book shows hikers how to cut the weight out and explodes myths about heavy equipment.

Australian Hiker | Trail Life – Ray Jardine’s Lightweight Backpacking

American rock climbers births Yrail people Hikers Northrop University alumni. I don’t keep many physical books on my shelf these days, but always seem to find room for of his. At the risk of alienating the ultralight community I feel that the ultralight debate has gone off on a tangent that only discusses base weight and how light your pack is and forgets the concepts about why we look at reducing the gear we carry.


Getting lighter not a new Idea Those things have DRM on them. To foil the blog thieves copyright www. And lets face it, he is a little off the deep end on some subjects. Timecheck December 10, at Get answers in the gear selection forum.

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Australian Hiker

Help support this site by making your next gear purchase through one of the links above. I suspect you’ll either have to carry the book or not read it at all, then. That said, I’ve been looking for the discussion and couldn’t find it. He seems so utterly rational that I am tempted to once more “go by the book” – Ray’s book.

By the end the read, I have a completely shifted view about gear and preparing for and enjoying the outdoors. Jardine is noted for inventing and developing the spring-loaded camming devices called Friends with the late Mark Vallance[1] [2] which revolutionized rock climbing in the late s.

Yeah, either that, or it can lief my dedicated toilet book. I have my copy here with me in the office today I was thinking about that “re-centering” quote when I left the office and its pages. Justin Lichter Trail Tested: Trail Life is his first book with all color photos and diagrams so it makes a great coffee table book. Trail Life is the start.

Posted by Timecheck at It includes pages, over 50 chapters with more than colour photos. Shakedowns – View only pack shakedowns. But seriously, if anyone knows where to grab the ebook version, please let me know.

Gear Review – View only gear reviews. In he discussed ideas related to backpacking with the publication of his PCT Hikers Handbookwhich described hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail lufe a much shorter time, using homemade lightweight gear and techniques including early start times with longer days and more mileage at a slower pace. There are a few names that have revolutionized the sport of backpacking: It is very similar to that developed rya Greg Lowe and it is purported by some they developed the ideas independently and purported by others that Jardine copied the idea from Lowe.


During the s he pioneered a number of Yosemite routes harder than had been done before, up to the grade of 5.

Advice – View only advice. I’m just lazy I guess? In addition, this book also discusses hiking practice including preparing for hikes, food clothing, photography and general skills. Now full of colour photos and diagrams, this new title reflects a multitude of updated information, nardine Ray Jardine’s lightweight backpacking techniques, his gear, and his methods for enjoyable and safe trekking and camping.

Much of the lightweight backpacking equipment and styles today were inspired by Ray and his groundbreaking book. Ultralight pack, quilt, tarp, gear, food.

Trail Life is for taril hikers, at all levels of experience, from beginners to the most advanced. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Or is that hogwash? Jardine is also a mountaineer, sea kayaker, sailor, hang glider pilot, sailplane pilot, and small aircraft pilot, skydiver, long-distance hiker, bicyclist, motorcyclist, and gear designer.

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