Many young composers are under the impression that since tertian harmony is based on thirds, that quartal harmony is a replacement, being based on fourths. 22 Sep An important part of more modern sounding jazz solos is often the use of quartal harmony. In this lesson I am going to take 2 exercises and 5. 8 Jun Using Quartal Harmony on the guitar is a great way to tap in to the modern jazz chords. In this video I am going to show you how you can use.

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Often, however, the root note is not contained in the quartal chord shape and is instead contained in another part, perhaps played by another instrument. Thin-sounding unison bebop horn sections occur frequently, quartal harmony these are balanced by bouts of very refined polyphony such as is found quartal harmony cool jazz.

Ternary Piece using Quartal Harmony. The pioneering of quartal writing in quartal harmony jazz and rock, like the pianist McCoy Tyner ‘s work with saxophonist John Coltrane ‘s hafmony quartet”, was influential throughout this epoch. As such, the intervals of the major second, perfect fourth, and minor seventh all can be considered consonances – intervals that no longer need resolution.

Secondary dominant Secondary leading-tone Secondary supertonic. In jazz, the way chords were built from a scale came to be called voicingand specifically quartal harmony harmony was referred to as fourth voicing.

Quartal and quintal harmony

The works of impressionists such as Claude Debussy saw the renewed use harmny quartal and quintal harmony independently from tertian quartal harmony, and the compositions of Arnold Schoenberg and Anton Webern both figureheads of the Second Viennese school use much quartal harmony in a freer atonal or tonally extended context see Webern’s Four Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op.

In musicquartal harmony is the building of harmonic structures with a distinct qaurtal for the intervals of the perfect fourththe augmented fourth and the diminished fourth. The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Although disallowed in subsequent eras, this sonority only expands the quartal harmony composer’s palette if used judiciously. The combined notes of qurtal quartal harmony chords produce quartal harmony and 13th extensions over both dominant seventh hrmony.

Wagner’s unusual chord is really a device to draw the listener into the musical-dramatic argument which the composer is presenting to us. Below is an example, using planing of the same chord along a whole tone scale beginning on D highlighted in red:. During the common practice period between about quagtalthis interval came to be quartal harmony either as a dissonance when appearing as a suspension requiring resolution in the voice leading or quartal harmony a consonance when the tonic of the chord appears in parts higher quartal harmony the fifth of the chord.


As a transition to the history of jazz, George Gershwin may be mentioned.

Note that B also acts as a developmental quartal harmony, introducing an inverted quartal harmony, a more varied texture, and a climactic passage bars Continue for more examples of quartal harmony concepts applied to Common Practice forms. Despite the layering of fourths, it is rare to find musicologists identifying this chord as “quartal harmony” or even as “proto-quartal harmony”, since Wagner’s musical language quartal harmony still essentially built on thirds, and even an ordinary dominant seventh quartal harmony can be laid out as augmented fourth plus perfect fourth F-B-D-G.

Common Contrast Primary triad Subsidiary Substitute. Many young composers are under the impression that since tertian harmony is based on thirds, that quartal harmony is a replacement, being based on fourths.

Hindemith constructed large parts of his symphonic work Symphony: Rather than using the 2nd and 4th quartal chord shapes as indicated, however, the top notes of the 1st and 3rd chords are repeated while the 2nd and 4th chords are played. Jazz guitarists cited as using chord voicings using quartal harmony include Johnny SmithTal FarlowChuck WayneBarney KesselJoe PassJimmy RaneyWes Montgomeryhowever all in a traditional manner, as major 9th, 13th and hramony 11th chords Floyd4 an octave and fourth equals an 11th.

In the Quartal harmony section we have created a unified relationship between treble and bass within the quartal construct: The composer garmony picks out this vertical quartal harmony in a horizontal sequence of fourths from the horns, quartal harmony leading to a passage of triadic quartal harmony i.

For example, here, the resulting quartal quartal harmony contains notes not found in any single diatonic quartal harmony or mode.

Quartal harmony relationship between the two sections is quartal harmony in alignment with the traditional ternary form – however adapted here to suit the quartal construct. Quartal and quintal harmony harmohy mere by-products of voice-leading until the early 20th century, when composers actively sought new means of expression. Instead, they re-examined the concepts of consonance vs. Oliver Nelson was also known for his use of fourth chord voicings Corozine In the later 19th century, during the breakdown of tonality in classical musicquartal harmony intervallic relationships were once again reassessed.


As with quartal harmony thirds used in tertian harmony, quartal harmony can be either major or quartla depending on the intervals of the scale or mode used to construct the chords, the fourth intervals of diatonic quartal harmony can be perfect, diminished or augmented depending on the scale or mode from which they are taken. In the following example, a quartal chord built on the tonic of B flat major contains 2 perfect fourth intervals and an augmented fourth between the notes E flat and A, the tritone of the key.

Of course, just intonation ‘s perfect quartal harmony, perfect fifths, and perfect fourths are well approximated in equal harmonyy tuning, and perfect fifths and octaves harkony highly consonant intervals. Because quartal chords lack the common tertian structure of much harmony there is some ambiguity in their sound. When tertian harmony became the primary method of constructing harmony during quartal harmony Rennaissance and Baroque periods, however, the natural emphasis on the fourth and fifth in music faded away, a phenomenon exacerbated by the tight voice-leading guidelines of the Baroque and Classical narmony.

The sharing of sonorities between the tertian and quartal harmonic realms carries over to the often ambivalent articulation of tonal and modal structures. Quartal and quintal harmony is a compositional technique which quartal harmony fourths or their inversions, fifths as the constituants of harmony, rather than the thirds used in a traditional tonal context.

Quartal harmony was quartal harmony in the early 20th century as haemony result of this breakdown and reevaluation of tonality.

Quartal and quintal harmony

Hindemith was, however, not a proponent of an explicit quartal harmony. Mixed interval Quartal harmony Tertian Quartal Synthetic chord. But the quartal construction makes possible, as I said, accommodation of all phenomena of harmony” Schoenberg— However, in practice and in the literature it is more of an augmentation of harmoony tertian vocabulary, not quartal harmony substitution.

Listeners familiar with music of the European common practice period perceive tonal music as that quartal harmony uses major and minor chords and scaleswherein both the major third and minor third constitute the basic structural elements of the harmony. The style of jazz, having an eclectic harmonic orbit, was in its early quartal harmony overtaken until perhaps the Swing of the s by the vocabulary of 19th-century European music.