17 Jan By Arundhati Roy South End Press, pages, The three essays that make up Roy’s newest book, Power Politics, prove that she is. This second nonfiction book from the author of the acclaimed novel The God of Small Things returns to the subject she first explored in Th. Arundhati Roy — “India’s most impassioned critic of globalization” (New York Times) — has expanded the compelling first edition of Power Politics with two new .

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Interesting commentary and important issues brought to light, particularly about the construction and brokering of extremely damaging hydroelectric dams in India.

Mar 07, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: Power politics Pwoer Roy Snippet view – Two statements from March on the breakdown of peace politids Feature.

It’s power political poetry, really. Filling the gaps Comment. I enjoy her writing style, polihics is no less forceful for being so accessible. Rumpelstiltskin, she says, has sweet-talked India into importing products it could manufacture itself, taking on debt for massive private projects such power politics arundhati roy the Maheshwar Dam, and absorbing tremendous human costs — not least the 56 million people expected to be displaced by the Narmada dams. Polyp, ‘Big Bad World: I appreciate learning more, though, about power politics arundhati roy dams projects in India and the various movements to stop them.


Jun 21, Miranda rated it really liked it.

Jan 08, Karla rated it really liked it Shelves: In India, massive protests i India has undergone many dam projects as have many other developing countries. Dec 01, Soham Chakraborty rated it it was amazing Shelves: War and peace Global Justice. She and Vendanta Shiva are two Indians to know about, Another superb, thoughtful set of essays on what Peter Dale Scott calls “deep power politics arundhati roy.

She dissects the global economic forces underpinning the Maheshwar Dam — the first private dam on the Narmada River — and animates those forces with a character she calls Rumpelstiltskin.

power politics arundhati roy


And this time, unlike the struggle for Independence, we won’t have the luxury of fighting a colonizing “enemy. I think this book is 1, times better than politocs god of small things. Quick read if you have a little bit of time and gets you thinking, so it’s worth reading.

Danilo Zolo, ‘Invoking Humanity: Power politics arundhati roy permanent process Feature. If there is an issue with this book, it is its short length.

Arundhati Roy, ‘Power Politics’

It is exporting capital. Dreaming of a different tomorrow Feature. Paperback – pages – Few people feel this way qrundhati as many of us are tempted to blame the government, parents, spouses, power politics arundhati roy society for our own shortcomings. In her final essay Roy gives a detailed account of the policies that have lead to the present situation in Afghanistan from drugs to the CIA.


Power Politics – Arundhati Roy – Google Books

Aug 17, Arjunishankar rated it it was amazing. My family is from the Narmada Area in India originally and I can see the direct results of the Dam project Further research into her work leaves me impressed at roh forthrightness, clarity of purpose, and commitment to others. power politics arundhati roy

Roy goes further to argue that power companies seek not only the privatisation of resources and infrastructure but, through ;ower co-option power politics arundhati roy political elites, they want the privatisation of policy itself. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Their homes, their languages, their histories. During her eight months in Italy, she realized she was a writer. Dec 27, Samantha rated it liked it. She minces no words and makes no excuses.

Or have we really become that place where Might makes Right? CrosbyJohn M. South End Press- Literary Collections – pages. Morning in Colombia Feature.