Study Flashcards On NAVSUP P, VOLUME I, NAVAL SUPPLY PROCEDURES, AFLOAT SUPPLY; CHAP 3 at Quickly memorize the terms. SHEETS IN FORCE NAVAL SUPPLY PROCEDURES (NAVSUP PUBLICATION ) VOLUME I – AFLOAT SUPPLY The following is a list of sheets in force for. Study NAVSUP P, Volume 1, Chapter 9 Financial Management flashcards from Christian Louize Dumon’s class online, or in Brainscape’s iPhone or Android .

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Who are responsible for the financial management of all ships and activities under their command? MOV 1st quarter cutoff date and response date?

Navy navsup p 485 managers under whom manage wholesale inventories? Aircraft tires FSC 2.

The supply department will navvsup and package unserviceable DLR items within 48 hours of receipt, and when possible, will ship such items within 24 hours after shipments have been prepared.

What navsup p 485 become involved in reconciling mismatched expenditures and receipts, if the shore station was a provider of material to the activity, a provider of Disbursing Officer services for payments of opem purchases invoices e.

What type of funds are established to account for receipt and expenditures of items earmarked for a particular navsup p 485 Pink To material outstanding file.


PRI 09 — 15 — Submit follow up requisition after 10 days from requisition submittal. How to package electrostatic sensitive nsvsup devices- Practically all circuit boards and electronic modules contain electrostatic components. Lost, Navsup p 485, unclaimed personal effects navsup p 485 or absentee Categories of Personnel Effects: Personal effects of deceased or missing personnel Categories of Personnel Effects: Aircraft carriers — Navsip.

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PRI Weekly Review of outstanding requisitions: Used in automated ships for selective stock items.

Notification of additional billing, sent if response navsup p 485 not received as specified or BK2 indicating that turn will not be made.

Who may authorized consolidated accountinng and reporting by ships, squadrons, or groups? N Ashore activity Distribution of a DD form Scheduled inventory navsup p 485 Controlled drugs, precious metals Quarterly or upon change of custodial responsibility. Who accumulates the accounting data for the cognizance material it manages and then reports it to the DFAS for up line reporting to the Central Database?

What type of appropriation is available for incurring obligations for a definite period in excess of one fiscal year? Semi-Annually- Inventory to be completed within two weeks. Safes and lockers with combination locks will be turned in or transferred with the combination reset to navssup Scheduled inventory requirements Materials in other departments custody Quarterly Scheduled inventory requirements All controlled equipage will be inventoried when?

Who will ensure that material delivered after working hours will be properly received or turned over to the nqvsup department, and all documents will be annotated, and given navsup p 485 the leading storekeeper the following day. Forwarded within five working days. What type of appropriation remains available until exhausted or until the purpose specified in the appropriation act has been accomplished?


Stock items navsup p 485 under a contract or other non-standard procurement methods will cite what accounting data for each requirement?

OPTAR used for aircraft support, other includes support for automated data processing equipment, and drones and targets.

Navy Classifications of Personal Effects: What is a separate account of monetary resources established for a particular purpose, time period, or both? Each command having custody of presentation silver, will submit an itemized inventory report to:. A physical count of frequently demanded items.

BK3 Notification of navsup p 485 reversal, difference between the net and standard price.

Pass complete!

Provided to aviation squadrons, this OPTAR is used to procure fuel consumed in flight, flight crew clothing, and administrative material for support of the squadron. Commanding Officer — Are responsible for the collection, inventory, security of personnel effects. No later than 20 March of navsup p 485 odd numbered year beginning in