Readers have long flocked to the works of LaVyrle Spencer, one of America’s most cherished storytellers. From The Fulfillment to Morning Glory to Then Came . New York Times bestselling author LaVyrle Spencer presents a beautiful and moving tale of a false marriage that leads to true love. Clay Forrester is wealthy, on his way to becoming a lawyer, and has a beautiful on-and-off girlfriend, Jill, who has similar aspirations. But when Clay and Jill.

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I wanted to make my dog eat this book. There’s so much to say, so much to write. A drunken one-night-stand leaves Catherine Anderson pregnant. He was an egocentric narcissistic bastard that had it all. Her books have been sold to book clubs worldwide, and have been published around the world. Separate Beds Author s: Feb 28, Lavada Dee rated it it was amazing.

Written in th, the story is somewhat dated but the human aspect of it shines with realism. You know, I really like LaVayrle Spencer’s writing, but this one was just way too draining.

I’ll be perfectly clear I love LS’s novels, not everyone of course but the majority of them but this one is definitely way down there. He was pure and simple-a very selfish monster. I read this book when it first came out.

The Hellion / Separate Beds / Hummingbird by LaVyrle Spencer

Wants sex, a relationship, what ever…And he is mad. I read this book when I was apencer a teenager and thought about it periodically through the years.


Refresh and try again. Namun sebaliknya orangtua Clay menginginkan Clay untuk melakukan tindakan yang benar. At this point I was ripping chunks of my hair out. Spencer is known for creating realistic characters and stories that focus on families rather than only the relationship between a man and woman. And he would have time for her. A one night stand results in an unplanned pregnancy and Clay wants to do the right thing by marrying Catherine, even though really, they don’t want to get married.

He is ever so mad when she shrinks form him. They both made their share of mistakes. I can just shake my head at any man that would want a girl like this. It stayed with me. Clay is freaked out.

It’s a really good read you won’t be disappointed. Apalagi dengan sikap Cat yang menutup diri, berusaha tegar dan mandiri, yang berasal dari keluarga yang miskin kasih sayang dan materi, malahan ayahnya lebih banyak melakukan kdrt baik psikis maupun fisik.

The Hellion / Separate Beds / Hummingbird

Clay and Catherine had a blind date. He likes her subtle changes. They both frustrated me at times, but when their emotions were raw and they just let themselves feel, it was awesome!

Of course I cried, when do I not with this trope?! This is a story about a couple who marry temporarily for all the wrong reasons because of a pregnancy that developed from a one night stand.

Tampaknya perpisahan mereka juga dipaksakan di buku ini supaya terlihat happy ending buat Clay dan Lavyle di hari Natal.

Separate Beds

But she can’t avoid Clay forever, and soon she is confronted by him. During their marriage Catherine has such a low self esteem because of the damage her father caused by his mistreatment. What’d I be if I haven’t read this b’ful book. Things have a way of becoming clearer with time. Back to Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold. Catherine Anderson is a young college stude I read this book the first time like 20 years ago. The diary is found by Catherine’s drunken, dissolute lazy father and he at last thinks ‘his ship has come in’.

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This was one of the two books I read last night.

He was snobbish and selfish to begin with, but never Foolish foolish people! I completely understood her fears and doubts but I truly believe she played a large part in shutting out the potential for love between her and Clay.

Separate Beds by LaVyrle Spencer – FictionDB

veds Di satu pihak, lama kelamaan Clay juga bosan dengan sikap dingin Cat, yang mengakibatkan Clay juga mulai merasa sensitif terutama ketika ibunya dan Cat sudah mempersiapkan pesta kelulusan Clay tanpa sepengetahuan Clay. I wish LaVyrle Spencer would come out of retirement. Like I said these were some real foolish, mixed up people! Dan menjelang Natal, Clay baru sadar Jill dan dirinya tidak cocok karena Jill kelewat ambisius dan tidak menginginkan memiliki anak mereka.

Clay was largely sepraate said jerk in my head.

This was made very apparent throughout the course of the awful marriage where because of her upbringing she had no idea how to relate to people comfortably.