Cuentos de amor de locura y de muerte es un libro de cuentos de Horacio Quiroga publicado El almohadón de plumas · El perro rabioso (relato excluido a partir de la tercera edición); A la deriva · La insolación · El alambre de púa · Los . La insolación. Español. Book ID: La insolación. Book cover may not be accurate (+) Horacio Quiroga (23 books). Wikipedia: See this author on. PARA LEER: La insolación Horacio Quiroga, cuentista sinfin. com/la-insolacion/.

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La insolación by juliana kraus on Prezi

Thanks for telling us about the problem. You are commenting using your WordPress. He sped up his pace to get it over with once and for all… and then suddenlt came to his senses and found himself on a distant field: He stopped at the edge of the field, stretched out on the hill, his eyes half-closed, wiggled his nose, and laid down calmly.

He wrote stories which, in their jungle settings, use the supernatural and the bizarre to show the struggle of man and animal to survive. Despite his order, he had to have galloped the horse to return at this hour. To shorten the long distance back, and avoid the dusty curve of the trail, he marched in a straight line to the chacra.

Under the calm of the golden sky, the fields gave off an invigorating freshness that brought out the hopeful spirit against the certainty of another dry day, melancholy for better paying work. The five fox-terriers, splayed and dead from comfort, slept. The dogs followed him but stopped in the shade of the first locust tree; it was too hot.

Jorge Hurtado rated it really liked it Apr 09, Published by El Sol first published March 7th The puppy, with subtle remembrance, turned his head, comparing the two, towards his Master and barked. For some time his inner ears throbbed with the beating of his arteries.


La insolación

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Meanwhile, the east began to take on shades of purple and the horizon had already lost its morning clarity.

Mister Jones, with the whip still in his hand, sent the horacoo back to the field, to prevent whipping him if he insolackon hearing the Jesuit pleadings of the peon. At last he emerged and paused at the edge of the field, but it was impossible to stay still under the sun and the exhaustion.

After a moment, he said. Open Preview See a Problem?

Dafne rated it really liked it Jun 20, With the same silence as their house work the peones, wrapped to their ears in loose bandanas, supported the oven hot air expelled from freshly-tilled earth.

Euskal Srpski marked it as to-read Jan 24, Mister Jones, with a towel around his shoulders stood for a moment at the edge of the ranch and looked toward the sun, already overhead. The Indians shared the dogs who returned immediately to being skinny and mangy dogs, who go out stealthily every night to steal ears of corn from the far off fields. Cathaysa marked it as to-read Sep 30, One by one the pack grew with the arrival of the other members: Like trained animals, the dogs recognized the smallest indication of drunkenness in their master.

Cuentos de amor de locura y de muerte – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Around the ranch the stone-white earth, blinding from the timely sun, seemed to lose form in a trembling boil, that put the fluttering of the fox-terriers to sleep. He had pulled out a thorn the day before and, remembering what he had suffered, licked his sick digit.

Mister Moore, his half-brother, came from Buenos Aires, stayed an hour at the chacra and without four days sold everything, returning immediately down south.


They laid down for a while but fatigue soon made them sit on their haunches in order to breathe deeper.

There was not a single cloud or gust of wind. As soon as she passed the front of the ranch, she took a few steps toward the well, disappearing with each step under the exposed light. Natalia Requejo rated it really liked it Feb 07, Quieoga was getting ready to get back on the plow when he unexpectedly saw the worker atop the horse. As soon as he had concluded his mission and was free, the poor horse, whose midsection was covered in lashes, shook her lowered head and fell to her side.

Nicolas Alvarez rated it liked it Oct 04, Towards the west, the fields widened and extended out into the valley, framed by the inescapable shadowed line in the distance.

Mister Jones went over to the chacra, looked at his work from the day before and went back to the ranch. He soon gave up and joined the group in their defensive fly hunt.

But, nonetheless, he remained unsatisfied. The next morning Mister Jones was still himself, tying the mules to the plow and working until nine. They all felt happy, free from quiorga, and as a result got up and followed behind the peon to the chacra when they heard Mister Jones yelling at him, still far away, asking for the screw.