This issue is primarily a bug-fix issue. The format of the document has been changed to docbook in order to sim- plify maintainance by several authors, as well. OpenSER includes from v Make commands to generate the documentation from SGML. This commands are: make modules-readme. See the chapter Routing Blocks in this document for more details about what types of routing blocks can be used in the configuration file and.

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Kamailio and Asterisk Realtime Integration – http: Installation Debian based images html.

cookbooksx:core [Kamailio SIP Server Wiki]

It contains a set of actions to be taken for SIP replies in the contect of an active kanailio. Set this config variable to ‘yes’ to disable core dump-ing will set core limits to 0. You can see in the next example how to access the body of header Call-ID. Writing Docbook Files for Module Readme.

Can be changed at runtime sctp hbinterval but it will affect only new associations. Efforts to improve the documentation in kamaipio sources is undertaken and make it doxygen compliant, making a good developer documentation out of there. It includes a type of pseudo-variable, the functions to get and set the pseudo-variable value, the parameter with name and index specifiers and the list to transformations associated for that specific instance of the pseudo-variable.

Library Source Code The names are not yet final use them at your own risk. Register MI Command Such pseudo-variables are header references and AVPs. At documentatioh end it initializes the variables for global flags and lock sets. Default value is Example of such operations are to open the connection to database, set the intial values for local dpcumentation per process. Lock Set API 3. This parameter kzmailio on which log level the memory statistics will be logged. The following pseudo-variables can be used in left side of an assignment: The modifications to the original SIP message instructed from configuration file are not applied immediately.


Don’t forget to add documentation in Kamailio Core Cookbook.

The definition of a custom global parameter must follow the pattern: This keyword can be used to test the value of ‘proto’ and check whether the SIP packet was received over WS or not. Example of MI Command Function Data types and available functions to do operations with locks are described in the next sections. Sets real time priority for all the Kamailio processes, or the timers bitmask. The module cfgutils exports a functions stop and wait for a period of time the execution of the configuration file.

A logging engine is implemented as a module. The maximum number of outgoing branches for each SIP request. If you do not want this behavior, you have to turn it off. Parse the SIP message until the headers specified by lamailio flags flags are found. However, most used headers are parsed entirely by default. It is executed for all replies received from the network. Its format depends on DB driver. If a name is not matching a core parameter, then Kamailio will not start, rising an error during startup.


Maximum shared memory amount used for keeping the blacklisted destinations.

Default value is 0 disabled. You need to have knowledge of flex and bison.

OpenSER Modules – HTML Documentation

This parameter can be set multiple times in same configuration file, the server listening on all addresses specified. Last thing you have to add is to complete the function print action So, they were named pseudo-variable. For those that use a dovumentation, it is up to the implementation what to do with each value. User Tools Register Log In.

Similar to substbut in addition it adds a!

For example, msilo module need selectdelete and insert capabilities. Kamailio follows the requirements specified in RFC for server and service location. When kex module is loaded, one can use pkg. It copies the content of the old memory chunk to the new one. The second is the index withing the set of the lock to be unset.

Set preference for each protocol when doing naptr lookups. This parameter specifies on which log level the memory debugger messages will be logged.