Author, ICAO. Title, Amendment No. 3 to the PANS-TRG (Doc ) – Chapter 7 UPRT. Summary, This chapter is intended to provide procedures to Civil. ICAO DOC Training Ed 2. These PANS contain material that provides for the uniform implementation of the training required for pilot licences and ratings. 4 May Acting Chief, Operational Safety Section, ICAO PANS-TRG (Doc ). • Guidance Material. Manual on Evidence-based Training (Doc ).

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Spatial Disorientation SD Illusions. All primary controls are active control loaded using a force-feedback system, which fulfils the highest requirements for FSTD.

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

There is no limitation regarding the aircraft type simulated by the FSTD. The motion system consists of six independently controllable icao doc 9868 axes. Underwater Escape Training System.

Anti-G Straining Manoeuvres Trainer.

The main focus of dlc UPRT is on prevention and to raise situational awareness of pilots. Proper pilot training icao doc 9868 pilots to avoid consequent upset condition after LOC-I can significantly increase airline safety. Basic and Advanced Ejection Seat Trainer.

The additional turntable is capable of operating at sub-threshold, so angular motion may not be perceptible by the trainee. icao doc 9868

Software Controlled Anti-G Valve. Additionally SD Spatial Disorientation could be trained and demonstrated very effectively and sharpens the senses of pilots for misinterpreting conflicting human sensory input. Sound System and Intercommunication. The training aims to raise awareness for situations, where pilots are facing misleading human sensory signals incapacity human attitude perception system while flying and to train proper reaction.


The instructor may operate the FSTD from the instructor place inside the icao doc 9868 or for special demonstrations, like training of spatial disorientation effects, from the instructor console outside the simulator.

An additional unlimited yaw can be added, which will allow to demonstrating all spatial disorientation SD phenomena. A very sophisticated sound system provides the pilot the proper audible cues like in real aircraft also including simulated ATC. Intercommunication between the icao doc 9868 and with the instructor or observer is available as in real aircraft. Image Generation for OTW. Demonstration of passive illusions and active illusions vestibular, visual or combinations.

The cockpit is a full replica of the simulated aircraft with all control elements and instruments realistically simulated as in aircraft. The class-specific Boeing type or Airbus type flight model additionally includes realistic and validated out-of-the-certified-envelope flight characteristics.

Needs LOC-I is one of the highest threats in aviation and is the reason for the majority of fatalities due to aircraft accidents. The realism of the IG gives the pilot icao doc 9868 impression, like flying in the real aircraft rather than in a simulator.

Virtual Icao doc 9868 Image Generation System. A 9ft cross-cockpit collimated optical system in combination with a three high-resolution projectors provides a wide-angle field-of-view FOW and meets highest Icao doc 9868 standards.

Amendment No. 3 to the PANS-TRG (Doc ) – Chapter 7 UPRT

Night Idao Training System. Helicopter Icao doc 9868 Hoist Trainer. The control reaction forces are calculated within the flight model and those are precisely replicated by the control loading system CLS. Either a type-specific flight model, which may mainly be used for type-specific training issues, or icao doc 9868 cost-effective class-specific flight model could be integrated.


Integrated NV Training System.

AIRFOX UPRT – AIRFOX – Training & Simulation Products – Aerospace Medicine – AMST

Even effects like clouds, reflections on water and snowfall and icao doc 9868 are extremely realistic. Hypobaric and Rapid Decompression Chamber.

Realistic scenarios, including evidence based training EBT issues, can be simulated under real workload circumstances resulting icao doc 9868 a maximum transfer-of-training guarantee.

The validated out-of-the-envelope aircraft characteristics combined with a most advanced motion cueing algorithm forms the heartbeat of such training. The cross-cockpit technology allows icao doc 9868 out-of-the-window OTW view for both pilots without any parallax like in real aircraft.

The Out of the Window OTW view, technically spoken iaco image generator IGis a brand new development allowing the highest level of details and effects.

Two pilots, one instructor and one observer may seat in the lightproof cabin at their comfortable and adjustable seats. This will boost the realism of the training and therefore the usefulness of this simulator to an icao doc 9868, where especially ab-initio pilots will profit from effective FSTD training more than from real flight training.

The motion system is capable of operating at sub-threshold motion in all seven axes, so discontinuities in linear and angular motion are not perceptible by the trainee.