(Hyphomycetes, Anamorphic fungi) from Cuba. Article (PDF Hongos anamórficos / Cuba / hifomicetes / taxonomía. INTRODUCTION. PDF | Se registran por primera vez para México y se describen 10 especies de Hyphomycetes asociadas a restos vegetales, colectadas en diversas zonas. De líquenes se reportan especies (Breuss, ) y especies de hongos hyphomycetes (Delgado, ). A nivel de Centroamérica este grupo no ha.

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Hongos hyphomycetes de áreas tropicales y semitropicales del Estado de Veracruz

Marcel Dekkerm New York,p. In the revision for tropical freshwater Hyphomycetes Goh 21 listed 19 taxa to South America without specifying the countries. On Tibouchina pulchra leaves six Hyphomycetes were observed on leaves 31 and 11 were involved in the fungal succession during the decomposition of submerged leaf litter Since in many countries no data about this fungal group have been published, and the studies are very scarce, sporadic and dispersed, it is difficult to draw conclusions about the geographic distribution of aquatic Hyphomycetes in South Hyphoycetes.

Hifomicetes Deuteromycotina acuaticos de Tierra del Fuego.

Initial colonization, nutrient supply, and fungal activity on leaves decaying in streams. B43 Springer-Verlag, Berlin,p.

However, the scarcity of taxonomical keys with tropical species and the difficulty of obtaining cultures on agar media has hyphkmycetes further initiatives.

Based on accumulative results of several worldwide studies, about anamorphic genera and species of aquatic Hyphomycetes are known until now Production of extra-cellular cellulase by Lunulospora curvula and Flagellospora penicillioides.

In the same Reserve, Dendrosporomyces splendens Nawawi Nawawi, a typical species from water, was isolated from Alchornea triplinervia and Euterpe edulis Mart. Although the number of taxa and studies are higher in Brazil than in other South American countries, no new species have been described until now.


Acta Botanica Brasilica, 11 2: Dictyosporium triramosuma new Hyphomycete from Argentina. Darwiniana21 1: The aim of this revision is to present the state of the art of the studies hyphomyceted with aquatic Hyphomycetes in Brazil, in the context of South America, to encourage the conduction of surveys in unexplored areas of the continent.

Hongos hyphomycetes de los municipios centrales del estado de Veracruz

Estudio sistematico de los Hingos del Rio Santiago prov. The eminent Professor studied these fungi in several aquatic environments in the United Kingdom and other countries starting from 40’s, describing species that are now considered cosmopolitan 36, Micoflora de la hojarasca de Nothofagus dombeyi. So, the publication hyphomucetes keys and the improvement of the isolation techniques of these fungi in tropical waters may stimulate the interest of more taxonomists in the systematics and ecology of aquatic Hyphomycetes.

Cell-wall degrading enzymes of aquatic Hyphomycetes: On the same plant species, but in the reservation of “Horto Florestal Dr. However, among the aquatic Hyphomycetes there are species that produces sigmoid, fusiform, coiled and spherical conidia too, which are also dependent of the aquatic environment to complete their life cycle 22, CAB International,p. The honbos review contents the check list of reported species until now, and has hojgos aim to encourage the research concerned with aquatic Hyphomycetes in non explored regions of the continent.

The diversity of aquatic Hyphomycetes in South America

According to their form and life-cycle, a classification of the freshwater fungi 22 into the hyphomyceres groups was proposed: Hoehnea29 1: Aquatic Hyphomycetes, also named Ingoldian or freshwater fungi, constitute a group of anamorphic fungi that are typically aquatic, producing tetraradiate, sigmoid or spherical conidia on submerged plant debris leaf litter, petioles, bark, etc.


As the aquatic Hyphomycrtes has been characterized as one of the most active fungi in the mineralization of leaf litter, and consequently important dynamizers of the nutrient cycling in the aquatic environments, it has been considered relevant byphomycetes increase the knowledge of the species diversity in terms of geographic distribution. The authors observed 14 taxa of Ingoldian fungi, identified nine at specific level and documented their taxonomic features by spore drawings.

Surveys were performed in the subtropical region of Santiago River in Buenos Aires 5,6,7resulting in the description of 19 Hyphomycetes including nine new species and one new hyphomycete, Dictyochaeta assamica Agnihothrudu Arambarri, Cabello and Mengascini. Some Aquatic Hyphomycetes from South America. Hyphomycetes decompositores do folhedo de Alchornea triplinervia Spreng.

Biodiversity of Tropical Microfungi. Acta Botanica Brasilica5 1: More recently 9 taxa were isolated from decomposing leaves of Miconia cabussu Aquatic fungi in leaves submerged in a stream in the Atlantic Rainforest.

These fungi are considered predominant in the leaf decomposition process in aquatic environments. New Hyphomycetes from Santiago River. Later, aquatic Hyphomycetes were observed during the decomposition of leaves of Quercus robur L.