siemens hicom e service manual pdf – This list of telephone switches is a compilation of telephone switches used in the public switched telephone network . [EPUB] Siemens Hicom e Service Manual [PDF]. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. SIEMENS HICOM E SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download online Hicom E Telephone pdf manual download Also for Hicom Hicom.

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Call pickup group 1 for ext. System Programming In Interactive Mode Simply follow the user prompts; the system will always inform you of available and unavailable error messages options and will recommend corrective measures using expert mode branch address to collision entry found.

Siemens Hicom 100 E Service Manual

CorNet port code 19 3 Page – Barred numbers list up to SW version 2. Lines in a shared basic access must always be assigned the same intercept console extension.

Barred numbers list 5, 10 items Barred numbers list 6, 10 items Total active exts. Page 6 allowed and 6 barred numbers 14 3 allowed numbers list lists as of SW 2. Pin assignment of the printer adapter Trunk access for extensions with active code locks can be set for the entire system as of SW version 2. Page 10 m.


Confirm input Item 2: This connection is not necessary in this instance. Codes for accessing services Connecting Isdn Terminals The other S interfaces 2, 3 and 4 are assigned the extension numbers of the next three extensions in ascending order as their MSNs.

Enter text from picture: Hicom System Overview expansion Box Slots 5 with 8-port modules, slots 6, 7 and 8 with port modules. Hicom E The doorbell follows the programmed configura- as of SW 2. Up to 8 extensions destinations can be combined in a group with its own group extension number extensions retain their individual ext.

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Headset Call pickup group 1 for ext. Untidiness at the workplace involves the risk of injuries. The above table only shows the possible slots.

Page 47 – Table Contact assignment of the MB i Table Of Contents 5. Hicom basic configuration Hicom with max.

Querying the HW configuration of the system. Reset access code 6 characters: Ensure that, whenever work is carried out on an open servicehandbuhc, the installation is never left unsupervised. If abbrevi- ated dialling numbers are used without selecting the network beforehand, the main net- work is used. Defining The Call Duration Sensor no.


Page – Connecting automatic dialler associated Codes Select substitute code 79 Code: In this type of network, at least one free Hicom E analogue extension interface is connected to the trunk interface DTMF flash necessary of the satellite system. Suffix dialling of additional numbers hiocm not restricted. Door opener feature ON Configuration: The display can also be set to name and ext.

Entries must be made for each user. The basic configuration of each system can be expanded and enhanced in different ways. Daylight saving time Call charge menu Texts Status display: Changing Line Length 1 for “long line” Line 1: Collision with one of the route codes Assign codes 100f code entered Collision with Collision with one of the internal ex- int.