You might remember that a few month ago, a review of Justin Marks’ screenplay for the live action He-Man movie Grayskull: The Masters of the Universe was. GRAYSKULL: THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. Screenplay by. JUSTIN MARKS. Based on characters by Mattel. 5/23/ Silver Pictures. () . The folks over at Latino Review have always been the industry’s standard for reviewing the scripts for fanboy material. I remember them filleting.

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Looking for Justin Mark’s Grayskull script (He-Man live action film)

Your name or email address: Aug 23, Posts: The absolute latest Adam should become He-Man would be the midway point of the script. Log in No account?

TorQueMoDJun 4, My main problem is not with the actual story itself, but the dialogue. Log in or Sign up.

Grayskull is “The Perfect Marriage of Sorcery and Science Fiction”

Forum Modifications By Marco Mamdouh. But more than anything Skeletor is pathetic.

Sony scrilt since picked up He-Man as one of their tentpole movies, but will be starting over from scratch with a new writing team. I was a bit iffy with the Earthy names.



Teela is a total pill and the way she’s introduced is awkward. PM me, as I’m not sure we are supposed to post it. TLoChL that its scary A simple running thru with a sword or a laser blast would be plenty if these two have to die. And it was nearly the end when Adam becomes He-Man which I thought was a bit pointless. Is Justin Marks screenplay Grayskull still in play? Classic swashbuckler stuff, and fully consistent with his character.

While we can post it now please be advised that if someone begins with a M tells us to take it down we must. That, I think, should be retained in whatever script they end up using. Cause that would explain it. I mean, this is “GI Joe: Apparently, the script is reminiscent of and the Lord of the Rings films, with sci-fi and magic mixed in.

Grayskull is “The Perfect Marriage of Sorcery and Science Fiction”

I could go on and on. Rise of Cobra” bad. Originally Posted by hawggie. First Look at Battle Cat? Subscribe To Our Mailing List.

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So what did I like about Grayskull? A dramatic reveal is all well and good.

The Masters of the Universe. A simple arrow to the chest would have been more than enough. The PredatorA Simple Favor. Grayskull needed to get Adam powered up much sooner and hit the ground running, and it needed to just get Skeletor unmasked already.

Or here to check out my youtube videos! It sounds like Justin Marks has ggayskull fanboys proud and has crafted a film with franchise possibilities.

We did know that Marks had been working on the project in Only starting it, but the dialogue is really, really bad. That sounded really cool, but since this movie is apparently not getting made, I was hoping I could at least read the script.