The WCF Golf Croquet Rules – Edition. 1. Outline of the Game. (a) The game is played by striking a ball with a mallet. It is played as either doubles with. It is possible to play on an ordinary lawn and with an inexpensive croquet set Golf Croquet is played between two sides — the blue and black balls versus the. American Six-Wicket Croquet, International Rules Croquet, and Golf Croquet The complete rules are maintained by the USCA, and are called “American.

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If the rushing ball is still on the court and interferes with the placement, the ball off the court is placed in contact with golf croquet rules and croqhet from that contact position. The striker must strike the ball with one of the mallet’s two striking faces, never with a side face or the shaft.

As an anti-spam measure when not logged-in, replaces in email addresses – golf croquet rules on the link as usual to send an email. If, when a crroquet ball comes to be played, there is insufficient space outside the boundary to allow the striker to play the stroke freely, then the ball may be moved in from the boundary by the minimum amount required to allow an unhampered stroke.

Synopsis of Golf Croquet

The actual boundary at any point is the straight line which best fits the inner edge of the boundary marking in the vicinity croqust that point. Ideally, time limits golf croquet rules not normally be used where two games are played simultaneously on the same court.

As golf croquet rules anti-spam measure when not logged-in, replaces in email addresses – click on the link as usual to send an email. The following is a simplified set of the rules of Golf Croquet.

When played with six players, or on long grass, or with a distorted court layout, the game is also called Extreme Croquet. A player may golf croquet rules deem a stroke to be played. In a 19 point game, after the first 12 hoops are scored, hoops 3, 4, 1, 2, 11 and 12 are played, followed by hoop 3 again as the 19 th hoop if required. The position of the ball is agreed if the next player has played or if the position of the ball has golf croquet rules ruled on by a referee or the players.


In such cases the player is entitled to ask for the placement before playing.

Commentary on Rule 1 e: A stroke is played when the striker strikes the striker’s ball with a mallet. A ball may be jumped over a hoop or another ball, provided that the golf croquet rules surface is not damaged by the mallet see faults para 21 e.

Golf Croquet This is a fast-paced game suitable for all levels — complete beginners to world champions.

If a boundary ball obstructs the playing golf croquet rules another ball, the boundary ball may be temporarily removed. Alternative colours, namely green, brown, pink and white, and other sets of colours or distinguishing marks are permitted.

United States Croquet Association — Rules

If the striker’s ball causes another ball to run the hoop, the point is counted for the side whose ball ran the hoop. Note gokf each hoop is scored by only one ball, so that both sides are always golf croquet rules the same hoop. The complete rules are maintained by the USCA. However, the striker must never strike any ball other than the striker’s ball. There are never any extra strokes for running hoops or hitting other balls. For resultsnewsreportscorrections glof, updatesetc.

If it golf croquet rules so entered, it cannot score the point in a subsequent turn unless it stops in a position in golf croquet rules it has not started to run the hoop.

However the game is much more satisfying when played with higher-quality equipment and on the flattest and smoothest lawn with the golf croquet rules grass that you can find. Scoring Points A ball scores a point for its side by passing through the next hoop in sequence see Figure 2, above.


American Croquet

As an outside golf croquet rules it is to be moved if it holf interfere with the playing of a stroke. When a ball goes out it is placed just inside the golf croquet rules nearest to where it went out. However, if the striker or their partner plays any ball other than their own, or if another player plays, then play is stopped and no points scored.

Before removal, the position of the ball must be marked accurately. The side scoring the hoop may place one of their coloured clips on the hoop. In singles, the number of extra turns to be given is golf croquet rules difference between the handicaps of the two players.

The winner of the toss plays first with either ball, while the loser decides which penalty spot D or E on diagram 3 all four balls are to be played from. Doubles or Singles can be played: If the points are level after running the 12th hoop, golf croquet rules game is decided by contesting hoop 3 again. The striker must hold the mallet by its shaft and swing it so golf croquet rules to attempt golf croquet rules hit the ball cleanly with an end face of its head.

They are to be mounted on posts about 12 inches mm high, either up to 12 inches mm outside the court, or touching the boundary but not intruding into the court. It is often described as like playing snooker on grass, where great skill can be exercised in setting up breaks. Should it be discovered before the end of the game that one or more hoops have been competed for by both sides and run out of order then play stops, the last correctly scored hoop is identified and play continues after a toss.