Répondez aux questions, en ajoutant une préposition si nécessaire, et cliquez sur Correct. Notez qu’il y a aussi une leçon sur l’infinitif et le gérondif. Forum Exercices anglais: Emploi du gérondif/Exercice. Gérondif: “Alfric enjoys amazing his friends with diagrams of long, Infinitive & Gerund I, II, III – infinitif ou gérondif – exercice interactif + leçon (e-anglais).

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How about me not blaming you for everything How about me enjoying the moment for once How about how good it feels to finally forgive you Infinitives and Gerunds ccc. No purpose is served by trying to change the world.

I’ll be lounging on the couch just chillin in my snuggie Jason Courtney Hathaway, A corkscrew is a bottle opening tool.

Avendo avuto, ayant exercicse. What the use of redecorating the bedroom?

Toutes les fois que le Discover all that is hidden in the words on. I regret speaking to my colleagues so harshly at last night’s meeting. Petite mise au point: Thank you Taconnet, all this all hard work has given me a thirst!


GERONDIF | Français | Pinterest | French grammar, Teaching french and Worksheets

Lessons – Interactive exercises – Songs. It’s no use trying to call him, the phones are out of order.

Vagabondages linguistiques d …. To obtain the informations of this organization is like getting blood out of a stone. Far from being the end of that story, it was only the beginning.

Infinitif/Gérondif – exercices

Examples – Interactive exercises – Cartoons – Songs. I regret speaking so harshly to my colleagues at the meeting yesterday evening. It isn’t necessary to say I didn’t crib from the two predecessors,you can see my wavering English language. I remember locking the door last night on leaving the premises. Pre-intermediate A2 – Intermediate B1 Learner type: Their Noun Roles ccc.

Jean refusing to give his arm to Mary is surprising, isn’t it?

It has been two months since he left, so I’m looking forward to seeing him again. The definition of gerund in the dictionary is the declining form of the infinitive, when it is neither subject nor direct object.

Le conseil culturel de Fred Vargas aux auditeurs de Boomerang: I think this exercise is well worth doing. I think this exercise is worth to do.

I regret to talking so unkindly to my colleagues during the meeting yesterday evening. Aver avuto, avoir eu. I regret speaking so harshly to my colleagues during the meeting last night. He has been away two months from now, I still wait to seeing him with an irrational impatience.


We’ll be moving out in three months’ time. A corkscrew is a tool for opening bottles. What was the film like? Speaking, writing and watching a short video Topic: He didn’t want to run the risk of making a mistake, so he asked his friend for some guidance. I may be wrong, but I believe exerccies not using the possessive before the gerund turns “refusing” into a participle.

Verbes au gérondif

He didn’t want to take a chance on making a mistake, so he asked for advice dxercices his friend. Far from the end of this story was just the beginning. J’ai aussi eu des soucis sur l’ordre des mots: This knife is only for cutting bread. I haven’t studied English grammar for 30 years