2. C C Product. Submersible pump for pumping clean water, surface water and waste water containing solids or long-fibred material. Denomination. Dataplate. rpm. Max 40°C. YSER/Y//V. 26/51A. kWhp. Date: Flygt CS MT. Use our handy online form to submit details on your existing Flygt pump to get a Flygt C Submersible Pumps Range Flygt C LT Submersible.

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Place the pump on the base and make sure it cannot fall over or sink. Replace the O-rings at the entrance or junction cover. Fill the housing with new oil. Precautions during work Observe these safety precautions when you work with the product or are in connection with the product: FM approval plate Product denomination Flygt Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual 15 Product Description Sales denomination The sales denomination consists of the four-digit sales code and two letters that indicate the hydraulic end and type clygt installation.

These are the personnel requirements for Ex-approved products in potentially explosive atmospheres: In more than countries, we have strong, long-standing relationships with customers who know us for our powerful combination of leading product brands fllygt applications expertise, backed by a legacy of innovation. Requirements These general requirements apply for electrical installation: However, 315 noise level of 70 dB may be exceeded in some installations and at certain operating points on the performance curve.

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More extensive repairs require special tools and should be completed by an Xylem authorized service flytg.

The impeller wear ring 1. If there is a question regarding the intended use of the equipment, please contact an Xylem representative before proceeding.

Reference for electrical installation For electrical installation requirements, consult your local electric utility. Take all necessary measures to avoid over-pressurization. Safety equipment Use safety equipment according to the company regulations. If the motor cable is disconnected by mistake, the earthing grounding conductor needs to be disconnected last from its terminal.

Flygt Series / C Submersible Pumps

Drive in the new wear ring. Check that all valves are correctly installed according to media flow. Clean or replace if necessary.

Limitations The warranty does not cover faults caused by these 31152 Condition-monitoring devices include but are not limited to these devices: Check the functioning of the level regulators.

Check that the impeller rotates according to this illustration. Lifting device Check that local safety regulations are followed.

Product specifications | Flygt 3152 – Alaska Pump and Supply

Developing new technologies that will improve the way water is used, conserved, and re-used in the future is central to our work. If the unit or parts are not accepted by an authorized recycling company, then return them to the nearest Xylem representative. The work area Observe these regulations and warnings in the work area: Lifting guidelines General The following are general guidelines for lifting the unit: Check that the impeller can rotate freely.


Clean chemicals from the eyes 1. Stop the motor after a few seconds.

Flygt – Alaska Pump and Supply |

Make sure that you understand the noise level requirements in the environment where the pump is installed. Grease the new O-rings. The starting current in direct-on-line starting can be up to six times higher than the rated current. Run the cable so that it has no sharp bends, is not pinched, and cannot be sucked into the pump inlet.

For information about flybt different installation types, see Parts List.