Related Manuals for Draytek Vigor Series Network Router Draytek Vigor User Manual Network Router Draytek Vigor Series User Manual. You can register your Vigor router via Firmware. Draytek Vigor User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for. 19 Jun DRAYTEK VIGOR MANUAL PDF DOWNLOAD – Related Manuals for Draytek Vigor Series Network Router Draytek Vigor User Manual.

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P1 to P4 Click this link to draytek vigor 2920 manual the working multicast group status. Peak means the highest peak value detected by the router in data transmission. Trusted Ca Certificate For viewing each trusted CA certificate, click View to open the certificate detail information window.

Page 78 UserName and Password.

Page Click Enable to make this router serving as an access point; Access Point Function click Disable to cancel this function. Connect to CA server via web browser. Draytek vigor 2920 manual Control manuak Web Feature below, such function can determine the priority for the actions executed.

A login page for MyVigor web site will pop up automatically.

Be Notified

Setting drraytek the DrayTek Rather than repeat drayteek is in the DrayTek manual, we are going to focus on the specific aspects of setting up the DrayTek that achieve the greatest broadband speeds for users. Page VoIP interface. Please use the new password to access into the web configurator again. Page Please draytek vigor 2920 manual the drop-down list to choose a codepage.


See the following graphic for an example. Page 74 New Account Confirmation Letter from myvigor. Click Standard and choose Generic Network Card. Draytek vigor 2920 manual Time – Displays the total uptime of the interface.

Firmware Upgrade You have to visit DrayTek website periodically to check if there is any new released ivgor offered for your Vigor router to have newest features. Off The port is disconnected. Display the subnet mask selected for this address draytek vigor 2920 manual.

As for authentication information of web filter, the process Authentication Message of authenticating will be displayed on this field for your reference. Show the status for the corresponding SIP account. You can install a printer onto the router for sharing printing. This field displays the ID port for the multicast group. In the Bandwidth Management menu, click Sessions Limit to open the web page. Formal edition with license key: Refer to the following: If you do not draytek vigor 2920 manual whether your printer is supported or not, please manuql www.


Follow the instruction to submit the request. Page WAN2 interface, draytek vigor 2920 manual will find them in Aux. It will check packets according to the filter rules. Mamual 14 The port is connected. The words in green mean that the WAN connection of that interface is ready draytek vigor 2920 manual accessing Internet; the words in red mean that the WAN connection of that interface is not ready for accessing Internet.


After adding the basic information for the router, please click Submit. After typing the password, please click Next.

Always record the new event — only the newest events will be recorded by the system. Mznual Type — There are some types for you draytek vigor 2920 manual choose.

Click Local printer attached to draytek vigor 2920 manual computer and click Next. The web page can be logged out according to the chosen condition. There draytek vigor 2920 manual two common scenarios of LAN settings that stated in Chapter 3. Assign a specific valid user name provided by the Drayrek. Now, your system will ask you to choose right name of the printer that you installed onto the router.

If legal, the packet will pass the router. Click it to reload the page. Igmp Vivor field displays the ID port for the multicast group. To use default gateway on remote network means that all the packets of remote host will be directed to VPN server then forwarded to Internet. Assign a specific valid user name provided by the ISP.

Table Of Contents 5. Page 9 Vigor series is a broadband router.

Next please refer to the red rectangle for choosing the correct protocol and LPR name. Click it to reload the page.