Since you are reading this, you are probably considering to build your own Dobsonian telescope. This page provides detailed plans and instructions how to . Plans for a homemade Dobsonian telescope. Since you are reading this, you are probably considering to build your own Dobsonian telescope. Homemade Inch Dobsonian Telescope: How to build a inch closed tube Dobsonian telescope. I began building it in the spring of , but the bulk of.

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The mm will be cheaper and lighter, but the mm gathers more light and will show more deep sky objects. Drill a 4 mm hole in the center, and find the center of the even sided boards by drawing diagonal lines, corner to corner.

A drill, jigsaw, and some simple hand tools is all that is needed. Most popular are the mm F8 and the mm F6. Dobson made the telescope completely from simple, ordinary household items; a process that you can replicate yourself. Draw the outline of the upper part of the mount on the azimuth bearing board. I also have an extended photographic build diary of this telescope posted on Imgur. You can buy them at a hardware store.

For this, use the measurements from the design program to determine where exactly to mount the spider and at what distance from the optical tube.

You also need to sink in the screw heads.

For assembling the box, right angle clamps would be handy, but not necessary. In most cases, when parts like spiders, diagonal holders, mirror cells and focusers are dobspnian, we will tell you how to build your own, or if you choose, what purchase if you don’t want to make that component. However, the three top manufacturers henceforth referred to as: Besides, Los Angeles Sidewalk AstronomerDbosonian Reid, did most of the work by writing and typing the procedures, as well as gathering the drawings–which, by the way, were done by Earl Jungians from photographs of John at work by Molly Lusignan.


Posted on March 15, June 20, by Oliver Cromwell.

DIY: Building a Dobsonian Telescope At Home

PVC plugs are cheap and work very relescope as altitude bearings. Two sideboards, and a front board. This line enables us to draw the altitude bearing cutout, and later, to align the mount on top of the altitude bearing.

You might buy a ready made focuser, spider and primary cell Same goes for the mm mirror, only here you need the mm OD tube. However, we do expect you have an electric drill. I found a used 16″ primary on eBay. The next step is to mount the spider to the optical tube. The mirror box encloses the mirror plajs and allows the entire telescope to rotate vertically.

This video was made shortly before his death in Your changes have been saved. In the meantime, keep making stuff! Other plans may make other perfectly valid choices, or may have different design goals. They need to be at least xobsonian mm tall to provide enough clearance on uneven ground.

Secondary mirror with “spider” holder Search on eBay for a matched set. To avoid rework and scrap, please proceed in the order we present the plans. A drill press would be nice, but it can be done freehanded if you are careful.

We have arranged the the steps in a logical progression below, and that is how we will proceed to built this telescope. First, you will have to build the telescope base on which the tube rests on. So on a snowy day in February not too far from Stellafane, I started this project, and had both the scope and these pages finished before convention. Our editors will review your materials and follow up with you via email as soon as possible.


Place the mirror cell firmly in place with silicone adhesive pads and use bolts to fix the mirror in place. We will strive to produce something in the middle: He reminds people that cannons have been mounted this way for years. Apply silicone adhesive t the holder before attaching the secondary mirror to it. Trim off any unused fabric along the base.

To provide a bearing surface for the altitude bearings, 4 teleacope felt pads are needed. The plywood Dobsonian mount is simple to build and very functional. You will need the right number of baffles. Also, relescope a handle on the altitude bearing box will make transporting and setting up your telescope much easier.

Dobsonian Telescope Plans

Lets start with the easiest part, the altitude bearing box. I have been meaning to put Dobsonian plans up on our web site for several years, and the 75th Convention has moved me to action. To build the Dobsonian telescope, you need to construct a simple optical tube with baffles. The optical judges told me on their second visit I had the best collimated scope and the easiest to point and hold Dobsonian gelescope on the filed palns night – so if you have any doubts about the curved vane spider or mount design, rest assured they work well.

Take one azimuth bearing board, and put the upper part of the mount on top, aligning the marks on the boards you draw telesscope. Also, check my Sources page for materials and accessories you will need, or, might want, to purchase. Newsletter Stay inspired, keep making. Mark your drilling holes, as per sketch above.