22 Sep Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice – Walkthrough/guide . Lasts 3 turns. Sleep: Unit won’t be able to attack or move for 3 turns. Paralyze: Affected. 6 Jul Disgaea 3 is a turn based strategy RPG, along the lines of Final Fantasy Tactics, or Tactics Ogre. The series is known for being over the top and. 29 Apr Walkthrough – Disgaea 3: The main adventure of Disgaea 3 is focused on a couple of obstacles, the primary one being focused on is Mao’s.

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Kill the enemy there and smash the blue green geo block. Boosts Attack and Intelligence. Cures negative status ailments. Rocks you like the wind.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice – Walkthrough/guide

To reach it, create a stack your units atop each other, and start throwing until your best character gets to land close to the blue geo block and destroy it. The key to winning here is to be able to move around the map as quickly as possible, smashing geo blocks to damage the dragons. The red and green panels weaken the targets. Pick up the new loots. Get a big classroom and increase your number of classmates Topic: Become reverse pirates in the Item Disgaea 3 strategy guide.

Use team attacks on the targets disgaea 3 strategy guide possible. Save your game and talk to Geoffrey afterwards. Again, defeat the enemies once they fall off. Hit target with level 1 star magic.


Move your units forward and defeat the targets as they come closer. Then have the rest of your units attack with special skills from a safe distance. Natural Oafy Aura Mana: Once Champloo is eliminated, approach the Dragon Egg and smash it to shrategy this mission. Keep your Healers on standby disgaea 3 strategy guide healing. Heal at the Nurse’s Office. Now, prepare your stronger party, buffing them up guire going off to engage Mao’s clone.

A special attack has descended from the heavens.

This will teach you the most basic aspects of combat along with Team Attacks and Combos. Use Team Attacks if possible. Disgaea 3 strategy guide up your units and lure the enemies to your location, and take them out.

Clear Stage with Mao at level or above. Pass the “Meet a Lost Girl” bill for the cost of 16, mana. Again cast buffs and use your best ranged area attacks.

Also, your units’ HPs don’t get automatically restored after each mission. It will be best to leave these panels alone and disgaea 3 strategy guide them to your advantage. Send your units up into the aqua-colored geo panels to gain invincibility. Attack ignores target’s elemental defense. Take out each one as quickly as you can.


Kill the enemies within the blue panels to make them drop treasures. There, shop some more if you need to then speak to the prinny dimensional guide for your next mission. Guode can also have your disgaea 3 strategy guide ranged unit disgaea 3 strategy guide from the other side.

Use Team Attacks as much as possible, to quickly get rid of a target, making sure they don’t get any turn.

It will help if you have more than one character who can access a well-boosted Heal magic. Move command becomes Fly.

So again, expect a tough battle ahead of you. Gather your units and take out the remaining enemies before they can have their turn.

Trigger a Magichange at least once.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice – Walkthrough/guide

Now, smash the purple geo block to trigger a chain with the red ones. Head for the Heart Vault. Can I Really Be the Hero? You can hear about the day trip disgaea 3 strategy guide day. Talk to Mao’s butler at the dimensional gate when you’re ready. Music shop is placed, BGM can be listened to.