Brilliant articulation of thought well brought forth in elegant diction with spiritual insight. Lovely poem nicely penned with conviction. Thanks for sharing Tom. The 1st, 3rd and 5th stanzas are/could be the assumptions one makes when ‘ deciding’ not to attend, worded in a flippant way. It certainly rings with a negative . Tom Wayman, “Did I Miss Anything?” FAQs. How did the poem come to be written ? This poem arose because this question that students ask is really quite an.

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A teacher will be thinking about how to best use voice and classroom aids like blackboard or whiteboard or computer projections. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Poem Summary and Top 10 Question-Answer.

The angel revealed to the students that they had to attain divine wisdom so they could share what they learned later in life. However, the images used in stanzas four and six are linked with the universe and the person existing in it. At the back of my mind was that these would be different answers given to different students who ask the question that is the title. The first universities were religious institutions to train clergy and religious scholars–an offshoot of the kinds of activities that went on at medieval monasteries: The speaker is freaking, pushed too far; they realize what they are teaching is not anything divinely important, but it is not of zero value either as the question implies Therefore, the speaker replies using sarcasm and is really mocking the question.

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Tom Wayman : Tom Wayman, “Did I Miss Anything?” FAQs

The significance of this change in the type of imagery is that it represents what visually happens in a classroom and what really goes on in the classroom as part of the universe and one place where opportunities take place.


There are no hidden meanings in my poems. Are they nodding off, or distracted? The main mission of RajmanNotes is to provide premium study notes and guide in study for success anyhing prosperity. Do you think that with your absence you stop the world sayman around?

If you contact us after anuthing, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. The last stanza suggests to all doubtful students: Have you read these? I gave an exam worth 40 percent of your grade this term and assigned some reading due today on which I am about to hand out a quiz worth 50 percent.

Each stanza in the poem begins with Nothing and Everything.

Did I Miss Anything Poem | Tom Wayman – English Summary

Sarcastic, Angry, Mocking, Humorous. One college teacher friend of mine who used it on a course outline had a student come up to the front after the class in which the outline was handed out.

Accessed December 31, The poem is a Free Verse poem: Stanza Literal paraphrase of the text The ironic subtext — what is really meant. The sarcastic speaker in the poem anythung pretending to answer the question honestly, but is really taking the “round about” way to say that there is something wrong with the way the student phrased the question.

Also, in one sense, any divine revelation–such as the angel appearing in my poem–is a sort of high-speed education. How would you categorize the tone of the poem? So the tomm is really mocking the question that has been asked of him or her once too often. In the third stanza regarding the value of education, the speaker says that the classroom education is valueless, meaningless and waste of time.

Every teacher spends hours preparing a class, thinking hard about the best way to present the material that she or he is going to impart during a certain class session. Brief background information of the poem.


The theme of religion appears partly as a component of the exaggerated bit about the appearance of the angel. It is not really the teacher’s responsibility to get a student caught up.

Canadian Poetry Online | University of Toronto Libraries | Tom Wayman

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, religious leaders had to be educated to read holy books, conduct religious rituals properly, waykan. Why do you think the poem has been so widely reprinted?

A teacher will be thinking about how to best use voice and classroom aids like blackboard or whiteboard or computer projections. In the final stanza, the teacher says that the classroom is a world full of human experiences which were assembled for yom student to grab, examine and understand.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. About Me Rajman Notes. I never actually gave these answers, but I sure thought them.

What is the poem about? What did the angel reveal to the students?

“Did I Miss Anything?”

The speaker is freaking, pushed too far, at the end of his or her rope. When you are not present how could something muss occur? Also, the teacher will be considering on the fly when and how long he or she should speak, when to ask questions of the class, when to let the students ask questions, whether small group work or individual student desk work is appropriate. Also, in one sense, any divine revelation—such as the angel appearing in my poem—is a to of high-speed education.

There are no hidden meanings in my poems.