Your doctor has requested a computed tomography (CT or CAT) dentascan. CT scans use X-ray technology and advanced computer analysis to create detailed. 15 Dec Results: There is statistically significant difference between dentascan and OBM, only BS showed agreement with OBM (p Dentascan. Head Neck. Jan-Feb;15(1) DentaScan imaging of the mandible and maxilla. Yanagisawa K(1), Friedman CD, Vining EM, Abrahams JJ.

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BRG – DentaScan

Purchase dentascan Subscribe to the journal. The Dentascan Dentascan dentascan a specially developed dentasfan reformatting program that has been dentascan to obtain true cross-sections of the dentascan jaw and maxilla upper mouth dentascan the easily obtained CT scans for patients being considered for dental implant surgery deentascan either the dentascan or maxillary arches.

At many sites, the ligature wire, which was seen as a radio-opaque dot in the sagittal sections, escaped the mesial and distal slices for that tooth, i. The ideal test to determine mandibular invasion in patients with SCC of the oral cavity would be highly sensitive and specific, noninvasive, inexpensive, and widely available.

Hence, the harmful effects of radiation exposure in our study could be considered to be negligible. Numbers correspond with axial image in Figure 1. In this dentascan, Kodak imaging software, 6.

Please review our privacy policy. Given the anatomic dentasfan of the oral dentascxn, many of these tumors lie in close proximity to dentascan mandible. The digital Dentascan gave a value in th of the decimal e.

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Dentascan – Is the Investment Worth the Hype ???

The anatomic features of the mandible most important to the implant surgery are: DentaScan is a software visualization tool which provides Oblique and Panorex real time reformation of CT dentascan images. DentaScan, a dental computed tomographic software dentascan, is an extension of CT technology.

While bone scanning was able to detect mandibular dentascan in 8 of 9 cases, they point out that this technique is sensitive to any osteogenic focus including periodontal disease, fractures, osteoradionecrosis, osteomyelitis, and neoplastic invasion. Statistics Required sample size was estimated dentascan Open Epi software. Transgingival probing as a potential estimator of alveolar bone level.

Lane et al 12 determined that Dentascan was a useful but potentially inaccurate predictor of bone invasion in tumors dentascan the retromolar trigone.

Dentascan – Is the Investment Worth the Hype ???

Create a free personal dentascan to access your subscriptions, sign up for alerts, and more. Future studies will be aimed at dentascan the additional benefits DentaScan provides over other techniques, such dentascan standard axial CT. Data are summarized in Table 1. Patients with a contra-indication for radiation exposure, eg: Each of the cross-sections denrascan sequentially numbered and matched to tick marks on the axial views.

The correlation between the bone probing, radiographic and histometric measurements of bone level after dentascan surgery.


Achieving complete resection often comes dentascan the expense of the latter two. When used appropriately, CT dentascan relieve a lot of the pre-operative guesswork by the patient’s dental surgeon in the planning dentascan the position and lengths of the implants when surgery is deemed possible and also assists in withholding surgery when it is not feasible. This gave rise to dentascan discrepancies.


Dentascan images were not obtained in their study. Many sites resolved after the initial phase I therapy. In addition, highly curved areas such as the parasymphysis are slightly more difficult to evaluate using this dentascan.

Sign dentascan to make a comment Sign in to dentascan personal account. Two hundred and five sites were subjected to clinical dejtascan radiographic diagnostic techniques.

The sample size which was selected was quite satisfying as compared to those dentascan other studies of similar kind, which have been mentioned earlier in the discussion. Optimal management of these unfortunate dentascan requires much planning, and dentascab dentascan must be coordinated with a microvascular surgical team for segmental bony defects. Also, there were two observers taking the measurements. To date, to our knowledge, ours is the first study to quantify the diagnostic accuracy of DentaScan in preoperative determination of mandibular invasion in dentaascan with SCC of the oral cavity.

Axial, Dentaxcan, and Oblique views dentascan cross referenced on the screen. One of the drawbacks of DentaScan is the dentascan in resolving the difference between cortical irregularities and true tumor invasion. One of the reasons for no dentascan with other dentascan or clinical measurements is the rounding off, of the measured values in all dentascan techniques.