DB25-1205 EBOOK

Got the 4 axis Nema23 Kit from Longs Motor. Came with the above as the interface. Question how do I power it up? Can I connect it to the 36V. 27 Dec The breakout board is a DB and I have found very little about people successfully using one of these boards with LinuxCNC.I have laid. CNC DB Breakout Board Schematic. LPT OUT. LPT IN. H. C. 1. 4. 10K. 1K. Pn OUT. ELC. ELC. 1K. Pn_IN. Repeat this 12 times for.

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Dec 10, Messages: Register Help Remember Db25-1205 Did you install the drivers for the adapter?

wiring DB, DQMA Driver, DQMA driver | CNC | Pinterest | CNC

Once I had db25-1205 this step i used a test bulb to verify that the outputs on the breakout board were responding to db25-1205 test on the same No pin of the port,which reassured me that both the cable db25-1205 the board db25-1205 working.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Originally Posted by routalot. Wal – please update this thread as you go; I’ll be one step db25-1205 you. Oct 2, Messages: Am also confused by db25-105 pin out as db25-1205 board is not very clear on that front and how to hook it up the the DM Stepper Drivers.


Electric motorbike project here.

The setup for stepconf seems to db25-1205 OK but when Db25-1205 test the axes-nothing moves. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience db25-1205 to keep you logged in if you register.

Yes, my password is: Oh yeah – PM db25-1205 your PayPal details for the spindle mounts, man! I think this might be the db25-1205 of my problems as the USB part needs to be configured as the card is not detected when i hook everything up. This thread is handy The adapter is detected db25-11205 the BOB isnt.

Hello, Firstly, I must confess to being an electronics dunce. db25-1205

I’ll email the supplier and see if there’s any info. If your parallel port pulses at 5v then connect all the negative pins on the driver to GND on the BOB db25-1205 the positive db25-1205 to the control pins Weird NC Studio behaviour after S – db25-1205 top bloke who has helped me out db25-1205 but as Clive is db25-1205 a different BOB to me, I thought I’d throw my plans out here to see if I was heading down the right path Now to return to the control module and motor wiring.


Cheaped out and got myself a clone UNO. Just found a bit more info on these drivers over at the Wantai site: New router db25-1205 log here. db25-1205

DB25-1205 Breakout Board

I managed to find a old 5V PSU. Finally got db25-1205 Z axis working. Looks like I will have db25-1205 select “other” and go through the connections one at a time until things happen.

I like this for 5v. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to db25-1205 Any advice is appreciated. You might have issues with the clone. I run LinuxCNC on an old dell optiplex with a built db25-1205 parallel port.

LinuxCNC (formerly EMC2) > LinuxCNC and DB board

Can’t see the Linux link but db25-1205 I’ll take a guess.? Originally Posted by Wal. Db25-1205 Santarsiero OB addict.

Question how do I power it up? Driver wiring db25-1205 needed