Datta Bavani. Jay Yogishwar Datta Dayal! Tuj Ek Jagama Pratipal Atryansuya Kari Nimit, Pragatyo Jag Karan Nischit 2. Brahma HariHarno Avatar, Sharana. Datta Bavani written by Ranga Avadhuta Maharaj. Features ********** This app help to read Datta Bavani any place in Three Language With Audio. Hindi. 1 Apr Dutt Bavani-Written by Shri Guru Rang Avadhut Maharaj, Swami Samarth Maharaj, mantra, Datta Guru, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, Gujarati.

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Why are you so indifferent here to me You fulfilled the cherished dreams of having motherhood of an aged barren lady past child bearing age and blessed her with a son.

Darshan 8 November views. Remebering you evil spirits and witch craft, Black magic cannot harm or affect human beings and they can attain eternal bliss or moksha. He was disciple of Swami Vasudevananda Saraswati. Thanks, Like [ 7 ].

Datta Bavani With Audio Download APK for Android – Aptoide

Who created Datta Bavani? In the past, you responded to Arjun’s call and bavami highly pleased with his devotion, you personally bestowed upon him immense wealth bavahi exceptional supernatural and superhuman powers.

You have in your hand the bag, feeding the whole Universe and a peace giving water-pot adores your hand. Shreepad prabhu appeared and killed the dacoits and brought back Vallabhesh to life.

He, the formless is the eternal one in several diversified forms. Pranam 9 November views. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


Datta Bavani written by Ranga Avadhuta Maharaj.

Lord Rama brought Ahalya back to life from a rock; Enlightened Pingala, the prostitute; transformed a wild life hunter into a great saint Valmikii. Saviour and protector in Kaliyug Thou blessed the washer man who was rustic Thy mercy cured a Brahmin’s stomach pain Thy grace made Vallebesh alive after his slain; Look at me at least once!

Seva 8 November views. What cannot be attained by chanting your name? I bow to thee time and again Vedas are formed from thy holy breath Learned Shesha is unable dwtta praise thee fully How can an illiterate like me praise thee?

Tapasi is the one who performs tapasya i. Do not see my end Do not destroy this child halfway!! Such unfathomable is your grace, why do you not heed to my call? Breaking, the spell of evil spirits cast on a brave Brahmins son you saved revived him. Instant gracious, compassionate and merciful Lord, saviour in this kaliyuga, you liberated dattq illerate and backward washerman.

Thou accepted Vishnu Sharma’s devotion; Graced him by taking his food-Shraddham; Jambadhaitya demon attacked Gods of heaven; Thou offered help in a trice with protection; Thou unfurled illusive power to trap the demon; Got him killed by Indra to save the heaven; Thy miraculous deeds are infinite, Oh!

You have abundant compassion for many people. A Brahmin named Gangadhar living in village shirol had lost bqvani sons under the spell of evil spirits. Dutt Bavani 1 Apr views. You liberated the Brahmin Vishnusharma and seeking his love and devotion, partook at his obsequies offerings.

Datta Bavani With Audio

He also gave one mantra Paraspara Devo bhava means we humans should behave as devas. Until now the program was downloaded times. Antardrashti 5 November views.


Surely you have countless arms. You made a barren buffalo milk yielding revived lactation and instantly alleviated poverty of a destitute brahmin family in Gangapur.

I’m just saying that from the perspective of the site’s rules, that link bavaani a good enough source. Continue to app Rating: Under your influence beasts like elephant Gajendra, vultures like jatayu dagta behaved saintly. Datta Bavani written by Ranga Avadhuta Maharaj.

The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on Yes It is Ranga Avadhoot Maharaj. The latest version is 1. Please arise else I am breathing my last. We never use your email for spam. Datta Bavani – Hindi version 1. He, who devoutly sings this Datta Baavanii with lighted incense imporves his life on earth dattx beyond. You are the saviour of those who seek your protection and shelter.

You humbled the proud Brahmins debating arrongantly the meaning of scriptures at the hands of an untouchable and thus protected your devotee Tri-Vikrambharati who did datat want to take part in the debate and arguments. His dattw is at Nareshwar near vadodara in Gujrat.

Nowhere any griefs remain for him and he has not to worry about nor will he face any sorrow or miseries.