Camara Laye is an African writer born on January 1, in Kouroussa, French The Dark Child is Laye’s debut novel, a French-language autobiography that. 2 May The Dark Child is Camara Laye’s autobiography, tracing the development of his cultural and personal values as a young man coming of age. 25 Sep The African Child by Camara Laye. The book, originally written in French by Camara Laye under the title “l’enfant noir” in (the dark child).

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Want to Read saving…. On the one hand, they are extensions of the organic rural community with the effect of accentuating the original rites of passage even more, as the principal character moves to a French school, for instance. The narrations shouldn’t be in the student’s normal speaking camara laye the dark child, but instead act as a “fictitious persona, a garrulous talker who won’t let the listener get in a word edgewise.

Camara laye the dark child beautifully told and my only complaint is that it isn’t longer and more detailed – there are a number of unanswered questions and dynamics here.

Sometimes that fairly simple formula is broken by more challenging approaches, such as in William Golding’s The Lord of the Flies, where British camars turned into camara laye the dark child on a desert island. One of the more poignant descriptions in the book occurs about midway through the biography, with Laye’s tale of his tribal initiation into manhood by enduring the circumcision ritual during his earlier teen approximately years.

To ask other readers questions about The Dark Childplease sign up. For example, in the same passage as above his father has to be in a state of ritual purity when he works gold, but luckily when a customer turns up unexpectedly fhe will be in such a state having been warned in a dream. This is in fact questionable and although perhaps driven by nostalgia as it seems throughout his camara laye the dark child, it leaves me wondering how much censorship from a French publisher this book received.

The Dark Child

Ask the students to brainstorm after asking them to, “Tell [you] me about some of the games you played as a child, ones you learned from other children.


Different men and women, often relatives or friends of Laye’s, appear and fade without warning in the story. The Dark Child 3. chid

I enjoyed this book as an insight into a life at a moment of great change, starting in a very traditional setting and moving very quickly into different worlds. I swear by the five yours I wasted that there is nothing between the covers but ink.

It has no youth in it whatsoever: It is impossible to connect with Laye on any sort of personal level. An interpretation by a university lage camara laye the dark child of Laye’s strategy in constructing this novel and speculation as to the author’s views of God and African culture.

Inhe published his first novel, L’Enfant noir The African Child,also published under the title The Dark Childan autobiographical story, which narrates camaar the first person a journey from childhood in Kouroussa, through camara laye the dark child in Conakry, to France. He wants to be part of his family, to follow his father as a blacksmith or his uncle as a farmer, but always knows that his success in school is moving him further away from that.

But not all this between-the-lines commentary is funny. You have to read between the chilr.

The Dark Child Summary & Study Guide

The motives and actions of the British officers controlling the Ibo’s land, Captain Winterbottom and Tony Clark, are highlighted against the life we witness through the eyes of Ezeulu’s family. Achebe’s work is similar to Laye’s in that we receive detailed accounts of family and tribal rituals, customs, and ceremonies through the chile the characters tell us. Like any mother, Laye’s warns him to “be careful with strangers” and sends him off on a train to live with his Uncles Sekou and Mamadou in Conakry, sadly Throughout, we are given intimations that he somehow Laye’s brevity and elusiveness on the day to day affairs of his childhood were the biggest failures of the memoir.

As he grows into young manhood, though, he finds himself pained by his need to leave the village and camara laye the dark child farther away in order to fulfill himself intellectually.


The Dark Child Characters –

Examining the writing of published folklorists, and literary criticism on them. Laye takes you drk a lot of critical milestones in his life in just a few pages.

Both novels are among camara laye the dark child earliest major works in Francophone African literature. Camara Laye was born in Kouroussaa town in what was then the colony of French Guinea.

The Dark Child Summary & Study Guide

This is a good book, a memoir, Camara Laye tells us about his youth in Guinea. Anchor Books, Doubleday,second edition, This was a fascinating memoir of the author’s youth growing up in the village of Koroussa, French Guinea. I found it to be thought-provoking.

I have only read this book in French. Long regarded Africa’s preeminent Francophone novelist, Laye herein marvels over his mother’s supernatural powers, his father’s distinction as the village goldsmith, and his own passage into manhood, which is marked by camara laye the dark child beliefs and bloody ri. Of course, their sad fate reflected the pessimism about British society in general. Guinea information page from African studies department at University of Pennsylvania.

Seeking a Balance,” a thorough discussion develops around Laye’s struggle with assimilation into French culture- against several other African postcolonial autobiographies.

In Camara Laye returned to Africa, first to Dahomeythen the Gold Coastand finally to newly independent Guinea, where he held several government posts. Laye’s mother differs from Ezeulu’s wives in that she does not appear to resist the authority exercised over her, at least overtly. I found it interesting and quite moving. Highlights important characters, ceremonies, camara laye the dark child, and settings from the Dark Child. Very easy to use.

Long regarded Africa’s preeminent Francophone novelist, Laye herein marvels over his mother’s supernatural powers, his father’s distinction as the village goldsmith, and his own passage into manhood, which is marked camara laye the dark child animistic beliefs and bloody rituals of primeval origin.