from the tutorial: “Mike shows how to use Boujou 5 to create a 3d motion track. Then after pulling the tracker information into Cinema 4D. High quality After Effects Video Tutorials for motion graphics and visual It is true , Boujou is very expensive for any individual even many. Platform: Architectural Association. School: Undergraduate / Intermediate. Course: AAMotionLab. DIP. [AAMotionStudio.

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They are manually added either before or after a shot. There is a section where it doesn;t track, nor cam solve. I have never done any of this, I am attempting to teach myself at the moment.

I tried upping the sensitivity; that got me from 8 cam solves to only 3 but it wont improve any more on that. Why is it people have this problem so easily with slight blurryness in a frame when the pros seem to have no problems at all with their footage in tutorials etc?

Merging the cameras in 3d is to be your worst case senario. Any chance to see the footage in question? Hi there, I just rewrote the script to work in blender 2.

Ho provato tutto il pomeriggio a modificare il codice ma non conoscendo la sintassi ho cercato di capire a logica. If you wish to continue the discussion, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum.


Something you might need to do in the end is combine two or three cameras into one. Those sections can then be used to improve other areas. When you are doing locators DONT put keys too close together on the timeline or Boujou will go really slow with very little benefit. Then place the original video into a Foreground object with the mask apllied to the alpha channel of the material.

I am trying to track my footage in Boujou and create a mesh, to bring that into Cinema 4D and start animating my model on top of that mesh. Create a sky in c4d and put it in the background. I did not write the script.

Motion Tracking with Boujou 5 & Cinema 4D

Does anyone have any video tutorials using both of these programs boujou.55, from basics to advanced maybe? Dont worry about compositing it yet. So is there a way to move the camera to a different spot but have the animation be the same? I assume that people who are making tutorials choose footage that they know will track well.

Load footage with alpha sky.


Srub the slider and adjust the whole mask or just the points of it to track around the person. VICON uses cookies to make the site boijou.5. Refine the solve and see how you do then. Previous versions of boujou took the entire shot into account before delivering a solve. The Reference Frames feature enables users to import still images taken with any camera and use them to assist in a solve.


So in C4D you open the tracking data, put the scene in a background object for reference. Really nothing more I wish for so long to have in Blender!!! Just as a note, you can also r-click on the mask and select ‘Invert Mask’. I really don’t know the workflow at all, I just overheard someone this is how you do it if you want to model something in cinema 4d and have it track to your footage.

Motion Tracking with Boujou 5 & Cinema 4D

Then add a plane with a sky material loaded in the luminance channel. I can ad me own target tracks, and have, but i need the solve, boujoy.5 tracks. French93 French93 Target Tracking now can specify a pattern on a single frame as well as tracking multiple patterns simultaneously.

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