Sieze The Time is Bobby Seale’s, a longtime activist and co-founder of The Black Panther Party, riveting first-person account on the evolution of The Party as a. From the Introduction: “Seize the Time was first published more than twenty years ago. I [Bobby Seale] tape-recorded and wrote most of this book under the. User Review – Flag as inappropriate. Excellent book, provides good detailed description of key events in the Panter’s history. Written by Bobby Seale, thereby .

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He went on, “And a lot of you are in different organizations and groups. He was always involved with day-to-day survival like the average brother on the block. He knew it already. The very first day, I seizs all the cats in the room and the first thing I did was run down a little Black History to them.

There was also a big building right weale the corner that you couldn’t see around. So you look at him and say, what kind of cat is this? I got mad at them one night and busted down their door. They were talking about starting some organization, a school campus organization. We want full employment for our people.

Could definitely have used better editing because it could be so repetitive. In addition, the demagogic politicians have lied about the Party and have lied about who the real enemy is.


Huey and seizze Traffic Light. I never have, because it was an unjust beating. I was personally more concerned then with getting some kind of education. The poem was a catchy little thing, but a lot of cats were never able to explain that poem in terms of the political, social, and economic repression of black people.

This hot first-person narrative, written in the vernacular of the time, lays down the truth. Newton in the early Sixties, during the Cuban blockade when there were seape street rallies going on around Merritt Junior College in West Oakland.

Seize the Time (book) – Wikipedia

You fight fire with water. She made one cop just turn red.

He’s the kind of a cat you always respect. I could see Huey and say, man, loan me a dollar, and he’d let me hold a dollar, and he could see me and say, man, let me hold a couple of dollars – it was that kind of thing. Getting on the Ballot. I’m the one who gives you your checks.

Buddy looked at Huey and said, “You know who this is, man? I happened to be out there. tue

Using the Poverty Program. One night I was just sitting on the street in front of James Oliver’s house, about half a block up the street from Merritt College, and Huey came by.

Seize the Time – Bobby Seale

Martin Luther King Jr. This would leave some time over to sit down and talk about the history of black people and the experience of black people, and how the system was tue against us, and how we had to grow up and be more functional.


Finished this book Friday. One of the paddies that had hold of me, Huey knocked him in the head a couple of times, and a couple of other brothers stomped on the paddies.

Man, that sewle the whole place! He would explain many times that if a black businessman is charging you the same prices or higher, even higher prices than exploiting white businessmen, then he himself ain’t nothing but an exploiter. People were out in front of the college, in the streets, grouped up in bunches of, what have you. The cultural nationalists had spread it around all over the campus that we were doing the Council wrong.

Or are you going to gamble like men? Huey said, “Yes, this is my property. I dropped out for one semester, but I went back in January of and I met Huey in September of Even if you fire me, Mr. Seale really takes us into the conversation and movement of the Black Panther Party.