Find all the study resources for Behavioral Finance by Ackert Lucy F.; Deaves Richard. 23 Sep Now you can offer your students a structured, applied approach to behavioral finance with the first academic text of its kind–Ackert/Deaves’. Behavioral finance links finance theory and practice to human behavior. are strongly advised the obtain the customised AUAS version of Ackert & Deaves.

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Behavioral Finance – – Cengage

Debiasing, education, and client management. Your students gain a strong understanding of how social forces impact people’s choices.

Limits to arbitrage, anomalies and investor sentiment. This unique chapter emphasizes how people make decisions and where biases may be revealed.

“Behavioral Finance: Psychology, Decision-Making, and Markets” by Lucy Ackert and Richard Deaves

In addition to McMaster, Dr. Fundamentals of Financial Management, 15th Edition.

Ackert has published numerous articles in refereed journals behavioral finance ackert deaves the American Economic Review, Journal of Accounting Research, and Journal of Finance. This book is unique as it spends a significant amount of time examining how behavioral finance can be used effectively by practitioners today. Future and current financial professionals can benefit from this book’s unique emphasis on how behavioral finance can be and actually is used successfully today by practitioners.


This comprehensive text–ideal for your behavioral finance elective– links finance theory and practice behavioral finance ackert deaves human behavior.

What Kind of an Investor Are You? Readers learn how human behavior influences the decisions of individual investors and professional finance practitioners, managers, and markets. Psychology, Decision-Making, and Markets, 1st Edition. This document is currently not available here.

The impact behavioral finance ackert deaves overconfidence on investor decision-making.

Behavioral Finance: Psychology, Decision-Making, and Markets, 1st Edition

The book behaavioral by building upon the established, conventional principles of finance that students have already learned in their principles course.

Deaves has consulted for large and small private firms as well as government agencies. Readers learn how human behavior influences the decisions of individual investors and professional finance practitioners, managers, and markets.

Social forces and behavior. The authors then move into psychological principles of behavioral finance, including heuristics and biases, behavioral finance ackert deaves, emotion and social forces. Welcome to Cengage Would you like to be redirected to the site for United States? The book demonstrates how complicated behavioral finance ackert deaves are simplified using heuristics designed for this purpose and closely examines various classes of heuristics.


Students learn the implications of behavioral finance on retirement, pensions, education, debiasing, and client management. Entrepreneurial Finance, 6th Edition. Psychology, Decision-making, and Markets. He has also provided expert testimony in a number of legal proceedings.

Deaves research publications have appeared in numerous journals, such as the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, the Journal of Banking and Finance, and the Journal of Monetary Economics. Money management and behavioral investing.

The book clearly explains what behavioral finance indicates about observed market outcomes as well as ackeet psychological biases potentially impact the behavior of managers. As a unique, first-of-its-kind academic approach, this book emphasizes the applicability of what students are learning with a variety of end-of-chapter exercises and discussion questions, simulations behavioral finance ackert deaves experiments.

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Ackert holds a Ph. Psychology, Decision-Making, and Markets.