Auxetic textiles comprise a class of extraordinary materials that increase in size when stretched and are being considered in many applications of technical. Read article about Article By L. Preethi & A. Sahana, Auxetic Textiles, Unique Materials That Exhibit Negative Poisson’s Ratio, Auxetic Textiles Possess High. This paper deals with Auxetic textiles that is been developed as a smart materials to meet the high demand in the fields of technical textile. These materials show.

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Auxetic properties can be observed in the resultant structure by mingling two or more of these wales in some suitable manner as shown in Figure 10c. Inducing out-of-plane auxetic behavior in needle-punched nonwovens. As the yarn slippage effect could not be taken in consideration in the geometrical analysis, the axial strains of the auxetic yarn structure calculated are lower than those from the experiment. The auxetic materials have many potential applications like; if the pore opening in the auxetic woven fabric structure can be exploited.

Due to property of lateral expansion auxetic fabrics can be used as clothing for periods of growth such as maternity clothing and child development and possibilities for promoting clothing longevity due to adaptability in sizing,under garments and shape wear, like bra cups, under wears and leggings and sportswear where transverse shrinkage, due to stretch, might be problematic other applications may include such as performance costumes, interactive art installations and textiles as a therapy through texture, aesthetic and interaction.

In order to realize the geometry of double arrowheads the fabrics were produced by employing two components, one as the auxetic component and the other as the stabilizing component. It is also necessary to employ a highly elastic yarn polyester-covered Spandex in the base structure.

Lapping movements of two guide bars. In warp knitting each loop in a course normally composed of a texfiles yarn.

Finally Poisson’s ratio values for the concrete deformation were calculated. As explained previously, the interlock structure was used to connect the two neighboring pinstripes. We have, therefore, devoted a major part of our work to analyzing the geometric characteristics of the unit cell, as given in Table 3.

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On the auxetic properties ofRotating rectangles’ with different connectivity. Thickness and basis weight: Negative poisson’s ratios in angle-ply laminates: A double layer auxetic composite with an approximate PR of Again the dimensions of the fabric were measured in pixels and the change was calculated using excel software. Figure 4 The moisture sensitive auxetic yarn Indentation resilience of conventional and auxetic foams.

Potential applications of auxetic textile materials: This ability makes them very suitable for various applications where shape fitting is highly required. Such type of multifilament auxetic yarn can be produced by using the conventional wrap spinning technology.

All samples were initially three inches, or 7.

Auxetic Textiles | Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science | NC State University

This modification was aimed to produce auxetc more isotropic fabric. The elasticity of the stitch yarn may be selected in such a way that the whole structure can be held by stitches without causing the obvious deformation tetxiles the weft yarns at the initial state. Auxetic composite laminates and composites containing auxetic constituents also provide enhancements in fracture toughness, and static and low velocity impact performance that aptly demonstrate potential in energy auxetid components.

The loop transfer method was used to change between the face and reverse loop. The other component is an elastic material of lower modulus of elasticity for example siloxane. Unlike conventional fibre and matrix material which undergo lateral contraction in both the matrix and fibrous materials during axial loading, leading to failure at the fibre-matrix interface, auxetic fibres textkles maintain this interface at higher tensile loads provided that the radial expansion of the auxetic fibres to the radial contraction of the conventional matrix is carefully matched.

Moisture sensitive auxetic materials. The wrap material used was a twisted ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene UHMWPE fibre dtex and the core material used trxtiles a polyurethane 0.

Edmond, OK Tel: Functional materials and structures from lateral thinking! Recently, Hu et al. The overall multifilament construction exhibits auxetic behavior upon stretching due to straightening of the high-stiffness filament that causes the lower stiffness filament to helically wrap around it.

When an auxetic fiber is pulled, it will expand and effectively lock into the matrix rather than contracting and pulling out easily as a conventional fiber would do.

Therefore, it cannot be concluded that the weave structure alone is responsible for this behavior of all three fabrics. It was also observed that the distribution of the pores is inhomogeneous with more opening in the center of the fabric due to greater density of yarns near the edges.


This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that in the calculation all sides of the re-entrant hexagon are assumed to be rigid and can be freely rotated around their connecting points. Whereas the auxetic effect measured decreases with an increase of the strain, the calculated auxetic effect rises with an increase of the strain and the calculated auxetic effect is much higher than that measured.

The combinations of face and reverse loops in alternate fashion were employed in rectangle form. In case of treated fabrics locally bent fibres that are constrained to lie over a given fibre and then below another proximal fibre is another important structural feature which contributes to the auxetic response.

Researchers have studied the hardness properties of many of the synthetic auxetic materials produced to date, and enhancements have been found across the board in materials such as polymeric and metallic foams [ 1011 ], carbon fiber composite laminates [ 12 ], and micro porous polymers [ 1314 ].

Auxetic textiles comprise a class of extraordinary materials that increase in size when stretched and are being considered in many applications of technical textiles.

Auxetic Textiles

The filling yarn is laid between neighboring wales and wraps the junctures of the ground loops as shown in inlay Type A Figure 4a or between the guide bar as shown in Type B Figure 4b.

Figure 7 Manufacturing process of the novel auxetic yarn structure An auxetic woven textile structure to be used as reinforcement for composite was produced by Miller W et al.

In these structures we utilized the chain as textilew basic structure and employed only two guide bars to produce such knit auxetic fabrics Figure 5.

Wang Z, Hong H. As there are several rows of face stitch and then several rows of reverse stitch in the structure purl rib.