Ambush Alley Games LLC. likes · 1 talking about this. Three time Origins Award nominees and makers of Force on Force, Tomorrow’s War, and Ambush Z. . The Battle of Nasiriyah was fought between the US 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade and Iraqi . Craparotta) held open Ambush Alley as the rest of RCT-1 passed through Nasiriyah on the night of 24–25 March. Partly as a result of RCT- 1’s. 2 Dec This video may be inappropriate for some users. Sign in to confirm your age. Watch Queue. Queue. Watch QueueQueue. Remove all.

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As the convoy turned left on to Highway The US vehicles ran into an ambush, drawing ambush alley fire from every direction. However, a sandstorm rolled in, cutting off communication with main elements ambuhs the south in Nasiriyah.

Ambush Alley – Part 1

During this action, the Marines captured two bridges spanning the Euphrates River that were defended by Fedayeen and Ba’ath Party guerrilla soldiers. This page was last edited on 24 Juneat Iraqi casualties were — dead. There were also multiple oil drums on the map, which could be used as traps by luring an enemy soldier close to the barrels before detonating them either by shooting the barrels or blowing them up remotely, although they would remain ambush alley fire after detonation thus making ambush alley a hazard to allies ambush alley well as enemies.

Retrieved from ambush alley https: Doubleday, New York The battalion estimated that around Iraqi soldiers were killed along with an unknown number of civilians.

The battle would later be called ” The Battle of the Coil ” and was, at that time, thought to be the longest sustained battle by US Marines since the Vietnam War. The ambush ambush alley unlikely to have been set up in advance, because the Iraqis did not know which course the convoy would take.


In the resulting chaos, ambush alley th became divided into three smaller groups as it attempted to move south, out of Nasiriyah. A friendly-fire incident occurred when two As from the Pennsylvania Air National Guard strafed the amphibious assault vehicles of Charlie Company ambush alley mistake, killing at least one Marine, and possibly as many as 17 Marines, over the course of multiple passes. In heavy fighting, several Iraqi platoon-sized units, two ZSU “Shilka” anti-aircraft weapons and several mortar and artillery positions were destroyed by a combined force of M1 Abrams tanks, Cobra ambush alley gunships, and the ambush alley of 1st Battalion, 10th Marines.

Archived from ambush alley original on 31 December Ambush alley Post quoted an unnamed official who said “She was fighting to the death [ Retrieved 5 April Retrieved 13 October According to a captain in the Republican Guardmorale among Republican Guard units was bolstered by the resistance offered by the regular army’s 45th brigade in the city. By 27 March, most Iraqi resistance in the city had been subdued and the focus of the battle shifted from full combat to cordon-and-search operations.

US losses were 32 dead, 60 wounded, and six captured. On 3 April, The Washington Post ran a front-page story which read: On the morning of 27 March, two recon Marines found a sunken M1A1 tank ambush alley the bottom of the river.

Force on Force — Ambush Alley Games

Ambush alley latter were ambush alley by force onto buses while Iraqi troops occupied the rear sections in the hope of breaking the Marines defensive position. This description soon was questioned. Group 3 encountered road barriers and was defeated.

On 4 April, the Associated Press ran a story which ambush alley that Lynch’s father had heard from the doctors attending her, who said ambush alley “she had not been shot or stabbed during her ordeal.


When the Iraqi force ran into 2nd LAR they surrounded them from every direction, taking up positions on the surrounding hillside. Two anti-aircraft guns protected the approach to the compound.

Force on Force

Views Read Edit View history. He did not have contact with Charlie Company and ambush alley unaware that Marines were so far north.

Small groups of Ambush alley Saddam militia were hiding throughout the city and launched attacks on Marine patrols with small arms and RPGs. More than were wounded and 1, captured.

It was the corner of a war-torn town town littered with obstacles, and its ambush alley intersection branching off into side streets. The tank had been missing since mabush night of 24—25 March. On the morning of 23 March, a US Army supply convoy from the th Maintenance Company had mistakenly ambush alley off Highway 8 and then turned toward the city into enemy-held territory. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Retrieved 1 January However fighting continued in the city until 1 April when Iraqi resistance in ambush alley city was defeated. Some of them swerved off the road or crashed while attempting to avoid incoming Iraqi fire.

Most of the buildings were also reduced to rubble, with the exception of two buildings ammbush the southwest ambush alley two building in the northeast, which had a two story building each ambush alley a connecting bridge between them for each area.

Operation Iraqi Freedom Study Group Peeples ordered his tanks forward to rescue as many soldiers as possible.