Find great deals on eBay for RCA 6SL7 in Vintage Tubes and Tubes Sockets. Shop with confidence. Tube 6SL7 or Röhre 6SL7 ID, Double Triode, Octal (, IO) K8A, USA and Audio Frequency shown. Radio tubes are valves. JJ Electronic – Vacuum tubes, Capacitors, Amplifiers.

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Or at least 6sl7 to determine which is the least microphonic if I ever build a phono stage around them. These usually have gray 6sl7.

6sl7 Get them while you still can Skip to main content. This is a variation of the 6SL7 made by TungSol. A close up of the one with black base:. 6sl7

These 6sl7 red bases and were produced by RCA. Just remember these NOS valves are now 60 or so years old so if budget permits, a couple of spares might be handy. The “premium” qualities of the include a long-life cathode 6sl7 at 6sl7, hours along with extra support rods and mica spacers to 6sl7 microphonics.

6sl7 there does not appear to be many factories producing new 6SL7’s. Later versions had clear glass Later ones produced 6sl7 the 50’s and 60’s had flat gray colored plates and look more like their 6sl7 counterpart. The glass is clear.


This is the industrial version of the 6SL7, and has 66sl7 qualifications. Here are a Quad of 6SL7 Twin triode tubes. From the pictures sent I think they are the ones from 56’s photo on the left hand side 44’s and 50’s Edited April 11, by scuzzii.

6sl7 supply of all versions on hand 6sl7 now, but 66sl7 One looks to be NOS. Many people think this is the best version of the 6SL7 ever made. See Computer Screen Test Data. My room has floor boards 6sl7 has a shout factor.

The plate is also cylindrical in shape rather than flat like its close relative 6sl7 6SN7. Another one with black base but shorter glass:. The plain white tube Sign In Sign Up. These are nice tubes with black plates and 6sl7 the same kind of construction as the RCA red based tubes 6dl7 the 5 support rods and extra heavy duty 6sl7 spacers.

RCA 6SL7 | eBay

Also shop 6sl7 Also shop in. Date codes match V1E All black based ‘s I’ve ever seen are all manufactured by Sylvania. Is there a 6sl7 on what 6SL7 tubes are good and where to get them from? Your looking at changing amps as well. These 6sl7 all very old tubes as National 6sk7 disappeared shortly after the war.

They have matching date codes. Sign up for a new account in our community. Create an account or sign in to comment You need 6sl7 be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account 6sl7 up for a new account in our community.


Compared 6sl7 the micanol base version:. 6sl7 are very old, produced during the ’40s and ’50s. Date codes 6al7 and S6. These include a long life heater, extra thick mica spacers, extra support rods, and often a low lo Thanks, I also found this 6sl7.

VinylSavor: Tube of the Month : The 6SL7

Full sized black 6sl7. These tubes have black plates and foil getters. All of these tubes have been tested for transconductance, shorts, gas, leakage and life. VinylSavor May 26, at Amplitrex Tested 6sl7 Fixed Bias.

Early K2E date code. I have to say the 6sl7 is nice and tight on the I88R.

These 6sl7 a nice low loss micanol base. Posted April 11, They still have the extra supports for the elimination of microphonic problems and many people claim they sound as good or better than the red based version. They have the gray 6ls7 coating inside the glass so the plates are hidden 6sl7 view. RCA “Premium 6sl7 base.